5 Window Flower Boxes Ideas That Can Make Your House Look Incredibly Pretty


Window Flower Boxes

Do you want to make your house windows look charming just like the ones shown in the Disney fairytale movies? You can undoubtedly bring that unmatchable charm to your house by placing flower boxes on your windows. To do this, you won’t have to put in too much labor as it is a pretty easy task to do. In this article, you will get to know about some effortless and creative flower box ideas that can make your house look no less than a dreamy and captivating house of a Disney princess. Get ready to learn about some incredible ideas about window flower boxes.

How to build a flower box?

First things first! Select appropriate boxes for your creating your window boxes for the flower planter. Rectangular and square boxes are best for this. The next step is filling up the box carefully with rich and fertile soil. Carefully even up the surface of the soil and remove the excess soil from the box. After this step, it’s time to choose the flowers for the box flower arrangements. What are your favorite flowers? Is it periwinkle? Or is it a Licorice plant? Flowers such as Zinnia, Licorice plant, Snapdragon, Petunia, Pansy, lobelia, and Touch-me-not are the best to use. Though these flowers are low maintenance, they look exquisite! The gorgeous visual appeal of these flowers will make your house windows look incredibly fancy!

Is a flower box worthy of a present?

Do you have friends who are fond of gardening? Why don’t you gift them a beautiful flower gift box on their next big day? Window flower boxes can be great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, engagement ceremonies, graduation parties, etc. If you have any invitations coming up make sure to arrange a beautiful box of flowers for your host. Flowers such as geraniums, zinnias, Fuchsia, Begonia, and Petunia are ideal for gifting purposes. To add more weight to your gift, pair up your flower box with a flower shadow box. This shadow box can be created either with paper or can make use of real dried-up flowers. So, if you are confused about what to gift your environmentalist friend, now you have your answer!

5 amazing flower box ideas to try out

1. Go for an incredibly vibrant and lovely sunflower flower box

For this flower window box, you will need a wooden box of a bigger size. Paint the box with a bright yellow hue to match the color of the sunflowers. You can also paint small sunflowers on the box to make it look more vibrant. Now, fill the box with good quality soil and then sow the sunflower seeds all over the wooden box. Keep the box on your window sill and water it twice a day. In a few days, you will observe the tiny sapling peeking out of the soil. After that, all you have to do is take good care of the plant so that beautiful yellow sunflowers soon fill up your windows.

2. The Periwinkle flower box is a must-try!

Are you not very fond of hard work? If yes, you can try out the periwinkle box! Periwinkle is such a flower that doesn’t require much labor. All you need to do is find a good quality wooden box, and make some holes underneath the box so that the excess water drains away. Then, sow the periwinkle seeds and wait until the flowers start to bloom. For the decoration of this box, you can go with a soothing purple tint. Paint the entire box purple and draw some white petals all over it for some extra detailing.

3. A pansy and petunia flower box is a great option to go for

Your box doesn’t need to contain only one flower. You can undoubtedly go for more than one flower. Pansy and petunia are such plants that can be planted together. These two plants will go perfectly with each other and with a good amount of care, your flower box will bloom with pansy and petunia in no time! For the decoration of this box, you can go with classic white paint. After painting your box white, you can stick small charms on it. Also, you can make use of your paintbrush to create a few cute designs on the box.

4. Don’t miss a royal red rose box

flower box

Paint your wooden box entirely white or black. Now, add soil to the box and plant some charming red roses in it. If you plan on making a rose box for your windows, you will have to be ready to do a little laboring on it as the rose plant requires good care. Once your rose plant starts to bloom imagine how beautiful your window sills would look with the solid white boxes decked up with blooming red roses! This is one of the best window flower box ideas that you can try.

5. Say yes to lavender!

Besides roses, lavender is a great option to go for! For this flower box idea, you will require an elongated box. You can also use a ceramic planter for this idea. Plant your lavender plants after filling the box with soil and let your plants flourish with the good care you shower on them. Once the lavenders start blooming, your windows sills would look dreamy and gorgeous with the rich purple hue of the flowers! You can also implement this idea for flower boxes for railings.

Closing notes

Use these amazing window flower box ideas to decorate your windows gorgeously. Besides adding beauty, the flowers also add a touch of greenery to your house helping in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. Also, you can use these as great gift options!  Who doesn’t loves a box full of royal red roses or prettily blooming lavenders? So, get ready to implement these incredible flower boxes for windows ideas right now!

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