10 Plants For Your Window Boxes That always Bloom


Window Boxes That always Bloom

The simplest and easiest decorative item is a pretty plant in your living room or even in your room.

They are really low maintenance as they survive on natural sunlight. All you need to do is water them as per their requirement.

Plants are lovely decorations that we can use to elevate the overall look of our house. They effortlessly make the environment feel fresher.

It feels like heaven to have plans at your place. You will know the beauty once you have plants hanging around you in your house. The beauty of the lush green plants is, in one word, ethereal!

Also, fancy windows these days are delicate items where anything can be placed or hung. So it would help if you were careful while thinking of something to hang on your window.

Hence, the best and the most convenient item is to opt for a plant!

So, to know more, keep reading this article, as we have listed 10 easily maintainable plants that bloom perfectly on the window box and are ideal for your place.

Top 10 plants you can choose for growing in window boxes 

1. Marigolds

The pretty Marigolds do not require much care. They are the easiest-to-grow plants that bloom fully and complete their life cycle in one particular season.

These cheerful flowers can bring life into your house. They bloom brightly and beautifully all summer long. Their vibrant color is one of the major attractions why people prefer them.

There are over 50 different species of Marigold that you will find in total.

However, the most common ones usually seen include Tagetes Erecta. It is also called the Mexican marigolds or African marigolds.

Tagetes Patula, the French Marigolds; Calendula Officinalis, or called the English marigolds and last but not least, Tagetes Tenuifolia, signet marigolds.

Marigolds can grow in full sun and part sun exposures too.

2. Salvia

The Salvia is the perfect option to add dimensions and saturation to your home’s display. There is no typical sunlight requirement. You can grow this plant under a shaded area.

They come in pretty beautiful colors. The best part about most Salvias is their scarlet-colored petals. Salvias also come in shades like pink, purple-blue, and white.

This variety of flowers adds life to your home. These are perennial types of plants with a beautiful aromatic fragrance around them. This beautiful piece of the plant usually grows as tall as 1 to 5 feet, depending on your chosen species.

3. Lavender

Every time we hear the name of this flower, a light purple shade comes to our minds. It has its own kind of magical aura that fills our minds with peace. Seeing it can just calm your mind instantly. Having lavender in your home’s garden comes with a lot of advantages.

This flower herb is aromatic and adds a lot more to your house.

In ancient days, Lavenders were used to add scent to the body and hair. It has, parallel to its aromatic beauty, various medical and therapeutic aspects as well. Thus lavender is, all in all, a perfect plant to have.

4. Petunias

These are one of the most famous plants. People love it for their lawns because of its beautiful blooms and long-lasting flowering time. You can find Petunias in multiple shades like pink, blue, purple, white, yellow, orange, red, and multicolors.

Petunias are greatly favored because of their colorful nature.

Petunias need quite a lot amount of sunlight, and they have a high heat tolerance. Without the full sun, they might become lean. They are not the flowers to grow in shaded areas.

Since they need a lot of light, you don’t need to worry about watering them more often. Once a week is enough if you are planting them in this soil of your lawn. However, in the case of window boxes, the watering needs to be a little more frequent than when planted in the ground.

5. Calibrachoa

Next on the list is another set of pretty flowers, the Calibrachoa, a South American type of plant. This sophisticated trailing plant has a habit of spreading over its surface, making it a splendid choice for hanging boxes, containers, and all window boxes.

blooming flowers

This flower’s most commonly seen colors include bronze, pink, magenta, blue, white, violet, yellow, and red.

These blooms are beautifully bell-shaped, and thus they are also called to be a million bells. You can decorate these graceful flowers with colorful fairy lights around the window box. They grow well in places with the full sun over its head.

6. Wax Begonias

Wants to go aesthetic with pastel-shaded flowers on your window?

Then the begonias are the perfect choice for you.

The next on the list, the begonias, look extremely eye-catching when they are planted and placed in containers close to each other.

If you want to get the best out of it, place them near one another within a distance of 8 to 10 inches and let them spread themselves fully and have the full appearance. They have their kind of beauty.

To elevate the look of your window, you can mix them with other plants. They come in beautiful colors like pink, red, and white, so you can place different colored begonias together to have a pleasant look on your window.

Make sure that your window box has a proper drainage system and that your begonias are exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight if you wish to see the beautiful begonias in the best look!

7. Pansies

Searching for the ideal cool season plant?

Then the perfect option for your window box is going for pansies.

They have a huge range of color varieties and are pretty aromatic. Without any extra effort, have a beautiful perfumey aura around your house. They are surely going to attract the attention of any passerby or visitor.


Pansies grow best during the fall season. It would help if you watered the pansies frequently and continuously per their requirements.

Continue watering them even in winter so that they live and continue to amplify the sophistication of your window.

Since they die off when the hot summer season arrives, make sure that you replace them with other sets of flowers after the season’s arrival.

8. Coleus

If you already have ample plants and does not want any more plant on your window in the window box, then a cool option can be opting for the coleus.

They are extremely eye-catching, beautifully multicolored leaves. You will find them in the shapes of leaves, with often two different colors combined. They come in colors like red, pink, green, yellow, and orange, and their basic height range lies between 1 to 3 feet.

Coleus can be found as per your requirements. Different Coleus plants have a variety of requirements for lights. Depending on the quantity of light your window box can access, you can choose the type you want in your house.

9. Snapdragon

Snapdragon is one of those beautiful flowers that every planter wants in their collection. Just as the name suggests, the flower resembles the mouth of a tiny Dragon because of its tube shape during the plant’s blooming, thus deriving its ultimate name.

You will find Snapdragon in various colors like purple, pink, white, and yellow. Depending upon your choice of length, you can choose your preferred Snapdragon.

You can opt for tall Snapdragon plants and stack them with the support of a stem to make them stand upright straight, or you can choose small Snapdragon plants to fill up the space.

10. Fuchsia

If you love bright, vibrant, and bold-colored flowers of unique shapes and create a difference between your choice of flower in the window box and that of your neighbors, Fuchsia is a popular choice that you might consider.

They are of beautiful pink, red, and white accents. The deep magenta color is the most chosen and famously preferred color.

The Fuchsia magellanica is mostly preferred for hanging boxes, containers, and other window boxes. Fuchsia is one of the most beautiful trailing plants, which you can grow in shaded areas without any necessary heat requirement.


Hope that this article was helpful. Go, gardeners! Have fun!

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