Can I Grow a Pumpkin Plant in my Terrace Garden?


Pumpkin Plant in my Terrace Garden

Growing pumpkin in terrace gardens is not a big deal, provided it receives the proper conditions required for their growth. Suppose it receives the proper nutrition and sufficient sunlight! It can grow without any hassles. Pumpkins are an excellent source of phosphorus and are rich in calcium, and can be used to make many savory dishes.

Almost every part of this vegetable is edible, including the plant’s leaves. Although growing them in containers is not a great idea, if you are planning to expand this vegetable in your terrace garden, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Special Requirements for Pumpkin Seed Growth

Every plant has its requirements for proper growth, and so does pumpkin. Here in this article, we have gathered all the conditions that are a must-know if you plan to grow a pumpkin tree on your terrace.

Soil Condition

Pumpkin grows the best when planted in soil that heats up very efficiently. The soil mixture used in the earth also needs to be mixed well and have a proper drainage system. Clay-based soils are not preferable. Apart from these, the soil must be high in humus content and have adequate water-retaining capacity.


Since pumpkins are crawling plants, they will need some support to grow. It means you will need to put up a strong frame, usually made of wood so that the vines can crawl up the stand. These frames are good to go if your growing fruit is small. If you are growing a pumpkin seed giant in size, it is better to let them sprawl over an ample space.


You need to place the plant in such a place where it can get the maximum amount of sunlight. Remember that even the most minor variety of pumpkins requires a full day of the sun to grow properly. It requires almost six hours of daylight daily for proper growth. In the lack of adequate sunlight, the development speed will decrease, and the plant will start retaining a lot of moisture which may cause quite a few diseases.

Water Supply

Water is one of the most critical aspects of plant growth, and in the case of pumpkins, the water requirement is very high. Thus you must water your plant and keep the soil moist regularly. While watering the plant, be careful not to wet the foliage and keep the soil too dry. Also, try to water early in the morning, especially during the summer.

Process of Growing Pumpkin Plants in Containers

If you are willing to know all the processes, then this is the perfect place.

  • Check whether the soil is perfect or not. Cold mud is not suitable for the growth of pumpkin seeds. The best time to sow the seeds is in the early stages of summer so they can be harvested in the autumn season.
  • Then comes choosing the perfect area for the growth of the pumpkin plant. Since pumpkins are crawling plants, they need sufficient space to grow properly. Since you are growing them in containers, you need to install some support, so they do not spread and fill up your whole terrace. Also, the place where you are planting must receive adequate sunlight.
  • Once you have chosen the place, you need to prepare the soil. The soil must have a good drainage capacity. Also, it must be something other than clay-based because clay-based ground fails to absorb and leave out water quickly. Besides, you must select a place where the soil can hold water for a short time during heavy rainfall.
  • For the selection of perfect pumpkin seeds, visit any nearby nursery and select one from the catalog according to your requirements, whether you are going to eat them or you are going to use them for decorative purposes. After you have purchased the seeds, plant them in the container in a ratio of 2-3 seeds every inch apart.
  • Since pumpkins can be harvested after 3-4 months, you can enjoy this tasty vegetable quickly. Even if you take good care of the seeds after plantation, they can respond within a week.


That is all about growing pumpkins on your terrace. Remember, it is a challenging job since these plants require much care. Taking proper care of them will result in giving you good results.

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