Explore 12 Unique Bathroom Window Curtain Ideas


Bathroom Window Curtain

Bathrooms are our personal haven, the place where we let out our steam, relax and rejuvenate. Bathroom windows can at times be an obstacle to our privacy, but their unwanted light and exposure can be affordably handled using beautifully designed bathroom window curtains. Bathroom window curtains are available on all platforms and all price ranges, starting from luxury brands to simple and budget-friendly bathroom curtains windows, too.

Some Bathroom Curtain ideas that are both practical and creative

  • Small bathroom window curtains

Small bathroom window curtains fair well for tiny windows and vents. Cover your windows with appropriately sized drapes that are light yet classic to give your bathroom a touch of the vintage.

  • Embroidered window curtains

Who says embroidered curtains are only for the living room? If you want to add a pop of color to your bathroom, a set of embroidered curtains and a vase of flowers to match with them can do the job almost instantly.

  • Cotton window curtains

Cotton window curtains for your love of breezes! For the ones who want to keep their bathroom airy and fresh, a light cotton bathroom window curtain will be a lifesaver.

  • Going all white

All-white bathroom interiors can be soothing, energizing, and meditative for the human psyche. No wonder they are so widely adopted! Bathroom window curtains white is one of the most sought-after bathroom drapes ever because it is simply impossible to go wrong with them.

  • Sheer curtains

If interior styling is your main motive for the windows that do not otherwise trouble you in any way, sheer bathroom window curtains are the new thing. They are made of cloth, high-quality plastic, reused plastic, blinds, and more.

  • Floral curtains

Another way of adding texture and tone to your bathroom is through florally curtaining your windows. They are opaque but airy small bathroom window curtains and look vibrant on both dark and light-shaded walls. A few indoor plants added to the mix can make your bathroom Insta worthy instantly.

  • Bathroom curtains from Walmart

Walmart bathroom curtains are affordable yet practical. They allow light and movement without compromising on privacy. They come in an array of colors, but their sheer ones continue to be a popular choice both offline and on.

  • Waterproof bathroom curtains

If there is any place in the whole house that most benefits from waterproof furnishing, it’s the bathroom. Bathroom window curtains come in constant contact with water which can cause color damage and rot. Waterproof bathroom curtains are a good alternative to these issues.

shower curtains
shower curtains
  • Traditional shower curtains

The tribal prints or the roman floral shades that have adorned bathrooms for more than centuries are still very much in force when it comes to taste and style. Mexican, Asian, bohemian, and vintage style-inspired households will love the traditional bathroom window curtain.

  • Colorful curtains

Bathroom window curtains come in many colorful designs, including famous abstract artwork, Disney characters, and scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For budding families, fun curtains are an exciting way to start the day.

  • Bathroom sets with window curtains

Affordable bathroom sets with window curtains as well as shower curtains and utility drapes are available in most stores. These sets not only cut down on the cost but make your bathroom look as if put together with great care.

  • Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains for bathroom windows are curtains designed to block every bit of light from the other end. They are very effective in partitioning the room into segments to give you your personal space to relax and enjoy. They come in both light and dark colors and are usually a great investment.

How to cover and block all light from bathroom windows without blind shades or curtains?

It might be, however, that even though the lights coming from your bathroom window during various times of the day bother you to your very core, you feel like adding draperies will ruin your bathroom interior or pose an unnecessary hassle.

In that case, you have a few easier and simpler ways always at hand to block light from your windows.

  • Add a tint film on the inside of your windows to cut down on the brightness and irritation caused by the light flickering into your bathroom.
  • Install Velcro strips to your existing window panes easily and affordably to block all light coming from them.
  • If you dislike adding curtains to your interior, you may find wooden or metal shutters more acceptable. They block the light without creating a trend mishap.
  • Add plants to your windows. They will flourish in the light while you relax in their greenery and prominent shade.


The bathroom window curtain is effortless, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. They add a lot and take away nothing. And for those who want a slightly unique solution, other options are also easily available. The time you spend in your bathroom is crucial for your mental well-being.  It makes sense to go a few extra lengths to make your time in their worthwhile and satisfying.

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