How Does A Terraplanter Work?

Plant parents are habituated to planting the seeds in a regular pot along with proper watering and sunlight. We can see that small sprouts grow into full green plants with proper care and support. We might only think a plant can grow outside a pot with soil and fertilizers. Yes, now it can easily be done in a Terraplanter. So if you are a plant lover and do not like dirtying your hands, this invention is a boon. Therefore, this planter beautifies your home. It does not take much space as it is a minimalistic cool gadget.

What is a Terraplanter?

Terraplanter is a hydroponic planter designed by Eran Zarhi, a famous plant enthusiast and industrial designer, and his co-entrepreneur, Elad Burko, which allows you to grow new plants inside your house without soil. This pot has been designed for people living in urban cities who love plants but also want to avoid the mess that soil creates and all other maintenance, such as watering them and providing them with proper sunlight while the plants are grown indoors. This planter is made of solid and ceramic material, but the material is still porous. This planter provides a constant water supply and helps the plant grow on the planter’s outer surface.

How does a Terraplanter Work?

This Alexa-shaped planter is an inside-out container with numerous porous holes and grooves. In this planter, we do not need to put the plants inside the pot. The grooves have been made to hold the seeds, and a reservoir holds the water required for the growth of the plants. The material used to make the planter is porous enough to let the water seep out slowly so that the seeds are not flooded. It provides the perfect amount of moisture that is required for the proper growth of the plants. After placing the seed properly in the grooves, you will soon see that the sprouts emerge from the pores after the roots have grown across the roots of the planter.

The design of this planter makes overwatering impossible. Despite the types of plants you are growing, the roots will absorb the water they need. Keep in mind that you need to keep the reservoir full of water all the time so that it does not dry out. Refilling the reservoir twice a month will be perfect. When your plants have grown properly, you cannot see the planter as it will be completely covered. The working principle used in making this planter is often seen in the rainforest, where plants can grow on logs or trees without soil. Thus, they created this hydroponic planter in which the plants grow naturally.

Features of Terraplanter

  • There are quite a several features of this hydroponic planter.
  • It completely runs on water. Terraplanter is not equipped with soil and only runs on water.
  • This planter has been made of 100% reusable material.
  • The reservoir provides a constant water supply to the root of the plants.
  • It also has a constant air supply necessary for indoor plants’ healthy growth.
  • The outside texture has been designed in such a way that it grips the roots of the plants properly.

Advantages of Terraplanter

  • This excellent gadget helps reduce any mess created while using soil.
  • It helps the proper growth of indoor plants.
  • Very easy to maintain because the reservoir must be filled only once in 15 days, and the gadget itself will do the rest.
  • There is no need to use any fertilizer or other chemicals, thus making the process completely natural.
  • The water supply to the seed or the roots is just as much as required.
  • It does not take much time for the growth of plants.
  • You do not need to think repeatedly before spending money on this product, as it is worth the penny.


Thus we can see that a Terraplanter is an excellent invention that is bound to solve the problem of most plant lovers who cannot grow plants indoors due to lack of time for maintenance and fear of a mess being created. If used properly, it is a one-time investment that goes on for a long time. So if you plan to plant some indoor plants, go for this planter.

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