How To Propagate A Plant At Home?

Taking care of the plants at home and watching them grow daily brings joy and excitement. But if you want to take those house plants to a different level, you must propagate them. Houseplant propagation is the easiest way to take your plants to an entirely different level. You can quickly propagate a plant at home and multiply the number of plants with the help of various types of propagation.

Types Of Plant Propagation

There are only two types of propagation for plants – Sexual Propagation and Asexual Propagation.

Sexual Propagation

This process mainly involves the union of pollen grains (male reproductive part) with the egg of the plant (female reproductive function) so that they can produce seed. This process is usually called Pollination, carried out by insects, wind, or the plant itself. This propagation method has quite a few advantages. It is the only way by which we can produce new hybrids. Also, this is an entirely inexpensive method.

Asexual Propagation

This process does not require gametes (pollen grains or eggs) for the plants to reproduce. Asexual propagation results in the new plant being completely the same as its parent plant. In this process, the plants mainly germinate from various plant vegetative parts, such as roots and stems.

There are also a few advantages to this type of plant propagation. It is quite an easy and fast process for some species and holds the genetics of the parent plant.

Process Of Propagating The Houseplants

Houseplants are usually propagated by the Asexual Propagation method, that is, by planting some vegetative parts of the parent plant. A few methods can be followed to get the best results for plant propagation.

Propagating By Cutting Stems And Leaves

Cutting Stems
Cutting Stems

It is the most straightforward process to propagate a plant at home as it only requires snipping off a stem or a leaf and then adequately planting them. You need to cut off the stem with the help of a clean shear just beneath the node. After that, you will have to place them in clean water for the roots to germinate, and then you can transfer them into the prepared soil.

At times, you can also plant them directly into the soil. If you face difficulty getting the roots, you can use a rooting powder. Some plants that this process can propagate are – Rosemary, Umbrella Plant, Tradescantia, African Violets, and many more.

Propagating By Root Division

Houseplants with multiple stems can be easily propagated by root division. To propagate a plant at home, you need to tug the stem from the pot very gently and then separate the roots. If you cannot separate the root from the plant, you can cut through the roots with the help of a knife and then put them in the soil.

You need to keep them away from bright sunlight and in an evenly moist condition until the new plant is established. A few examples of plants that can be propagated by this method are – Boston Fern, Peace Lily, and Snake plant.

Propagating By Plant Pups

Some plant species can produce small offshoots called “pups,” which can help you propagate a plant at home.


Before you cut off these plant pups, you need to allow them to grow around 3 inches. After they have attained the proper size, you need to cut them with clean and sharp shears and then directly plant them in their own pots.

Some plants that respond best to this method of propagation are – Ponytail Palm, Aloe vera, and Spider Plant.

Propagating By Cane Cutting

With the help of cane cutting, such as dieffenbachia, some dracaenas, and cordyline, you can propagate some plants at home. In this process, you need to take a stem to cut it into three long sections. Now you must remember when you take the stem that it should have one node or, better, a bud.

That is where the new shoot will sprout out. Then roots will grow underneath the cane. Now you should place the cutting on the top soil surface horizontally and push it half into the soil.

If you are a beginner in this and are looking forward to propagating a plant at home, succulents are the most well-known houseplants that can reproduce quickly. It can be produced with the help of any of the three propagation methods mentioned above.


With the help of propagation, you can multiply the number of plants quickly.

If you are a plant lover and are passionate about having plants at home, you can quickly propagate a plant at home by using any of the above methods. Just follow them properly and watch your plants multiply and proliferate.

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