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Writing about daily lifestyle, home decor and interior, garden and outdoors, indoor plants, DIY craftwork, and other wholesome everyday topics can help build up a community that fosters positivity, creativity, and originality. You can become a part of this community as well and contribute to its wealth of knowledge by writing a little whenever possible. Writing for our community is a task that can be undertaken by anyone – be it a student, a homemaker, a hobbyist, or a professional.

We welcome all kinds, forms, and length of content that suits the online audience; from writing about your personal projects to providing insight on useful hacks, or even letting us in for a wild journey through an experience that you will never forget. Connect with the world and flaunt your art of storytelling by garnering a similar enthusiasm for building the home of one’s dreams with others.

Our guest posting feature is looking for writers just like you. If you have anything to share, anything at all, our community wants to listen.

Guidelines for guest posting

To have your work selected for guest posting in our community, there are certain simple regulations that we expect you to be mindful of.

  • Topics

Our community is interested in work that is composed to make everyday life better. Our work and its topics are targeted toward an audience of all ages and backgrounds, with different needs and religious and cultural beliefs.

  • Home decor: content related to home decor needs to be simple and well structured. This topic revolves around expensive ways to elevate the look and field of one’s home. Decor ideas for living room, foyer area, verandah, bedroom, study, bathroom, and more are all welcome.
  • DIY craft: We welcome and expect DIY craft content that is detailed, well structured, and if possible full of graphics. Personal projects for home decor, interior design, architectural changes, etc are a great favorite. We enjoy a good narration and are always fond of clever, clean jokes.
  • Architecture: This niche is particularly looking forward to receiving content from amateur hobbyists, architecture students, professionals, and semi-professionals. Most content in our community is geared towards the contemporary blend of modern and retro architecture, however, articles dedicated to historical significance and interesting facts about ancient to medieval architectural wonders from around the world will not be turned away.
  • Interior design: Interior design is something that everybody has an interest in. Chances are, you have even taken part in at least a few personal endeavors to change the interior of your house and surrounding area. Share the stories with us or enrich our collection with useful ideas and tips and tricks that can benefit any reader.
  • Gardening and outdoor: Gardening is a great way to connect with nature and welcome it into your living space. For most people, this is a spiritual and therapeutic experience. All content related to the benign and wonderful world of gardening and outdoor decoration will definitely find a place on our website.
  • Length

The expected length of articles published on this website is somewhere around 800-3000 words. Shorter content is always welcome and appreciated. However, it is expected the writer will make sure to write the content engaging in a way to engage the readers in their artful creation.

  •  Images and external links

The addition of vibrant imagery can make any content more appealing. We recommend the addition of high-resolution copyright-free images that can be taken from the internet. We are looking forward to your own clicks just as enthusiastically, and such personal photography can be a wonderful part of any personal narrative-based storytelling.

  •  Plagiarism and copyright

Your work should be your original creation and you must hold every right to own and publish this piece of work. Articles lasered from other people’s creations will be denied any place within our community. It is understood that your original work must not have appeared on any platform online or in print at and during the time of being published on our website.

  •  General guidelines

Our community strives to be a positive and safe place for readers of all beliefs and backgrounds. Content sound to be offensive or inappropriate to any age group or cultural background will be promptly discarded and denied any place on this website.

How to submit an article to our community?

On the completion of your work, you can submit your article to us by mailing it to: stayonstyle24@gmail.com for pricing and terms. The article will then be reviewed and approved by our editorial team. Some structural guidelines to help facilitate the process of your confirmation are

  • Articles must be in a word document format (doc/ Docx)
  • All attachments are to be submitted separately within the body of the email and not within the article itself.

Make sure your sources for crucial data such as shop names, store names, and brand names if included must be verified. Keywords should be properly marked and the sentence structures should be simple and easy to comprehend. Criticism and negative reviews must be logical, respectful, and constructive.