8 Tips for Decorating a Rental Home Kitchen


Decorating a Rental Home Kitchen

The kitchen is a big factor for renters when deciding on a home. Most kitchens in rental properties don’t have the personality or character to motivate a person to cook and dine every night with friends and family. The paint is often monotonous or the tiles may be outdated, leaving the tenant uninspired. However, with the free kitchen design tools available online, the right accessories and some creativity, it is possible to give even a dull kitchen an attractive makeover.

Tip 1. Play Around With Colors

Yellow is often the go-to color for kitchens. It instantly lights up the room, making people feel calm and happy. Its soothing quality can make a small kitchen feel bigger and more inviting. Some people also believe that it increases appetite.

But don’t limit yourself to just one hue. Play around with other colors, such as turquoise or lime green, if you want a more contemporary look. You can even go for pastel shades for a softer atmosphere.

Moreover, there’s a booming trend of integrating dark colors to add a bit of drama, strength and solidarity to the kitchen. Navy blue is a popular color that can be paired with white cabinets, countertops and walls for a fresh modern look.

Tip 2: Make the Floor Beautiful

The kitchen floor is not only one of the most visible parts of the room but also one of the most used. Therefore, it’s essential to make it stylish, durable and easy to clean.

Vinyl plank flooring, ceramic tiles, hardwood and laminate are just some of the materials you can use to give your kitchen a fresh look. For a rental space, vinyl plank flooring may be the best option because they are durable, easy to maintain and available in various colors and styles.

Ceramic tiles have a beautiful appearance in the flooring category. They are just as good at water and heat resistance as vinyl. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the one that best suits your kitchen.

Hardwood floors are another great choice if you want to give your kitchen an elegant touch. Natural wood gives any room character and helps create a cozy atmosphere. Plus, it adds warmth underfoot – a bonus during cold winter days! However, unless properly maintained, they can be damaged in a short amount of time.

Tip 3: Update or Add Cabinets

If your kitchen already has cabinets, you can update them with a new coat of paint or add decorative hardware to give them a fresh look. But if you don’t have many, you can buy wholesale cabinets or look for second-hand options to install. You can opt for an open shelving system to showcase your favorite dishes and other decor items.

When someone walks into your kitchen, they are often drawn to the cabinets over your countertop. When styling your cabinets, it’s often a great idea to make the lower shelves complement the higher shelves. Colors, patterns and textures play an important role. The key is to blend the busy and plain surfaces in a balanced way. For instance, mixing black and white tiles or textured cabinet doors with white walls will give your kitchen an interesting look.

Tip 4: Personalize Your Kitchen With Artwork

Art is the simplest yet most effective way to add a personal touch to your space. The best part about works of art is that even one unique piece of art can make a huge difference in the mood of the room.

If there’s room on your kitchen wall, how about some paintings that bring out the positive energy and playfulness of the space? Something like a landscape painting of a healthy garden. And some ceramic pieces on the cabinets or a fruit basket on the countertop.

You can even hang mirrors to widen the kitchen’s visual depth and bring in more light. Wallpapers are a great option because you can easily switch them out.

Tip 5: Lighting Is Essential

Lighting is key in any room, but kitchens often need extra attention. Natural light is the best way to brighten up a kitchen, so if you can move or replace some windows in your rental home’s kitchen, go for it.

If adding more windows isn’t an option, you can hang pendant lamps over the countertop and recessed lights around cabinets and walls. For task lighting, set up under-cabinet LED strip lights to make food preparation easier.

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Tip 6: Add Greenery

Small potted plants like succulents or herbs are perfect for adding both color and life to any room. Plus, they require minimal care, so you don’t have to worry too much about them.

You can hang a few plants from the ceiling to create an interesting visual effect. Or, if you have enough space, go for a larger plant like a fig tree or a fiddle leaf fig that will break up the monotony of your kitchen walls and add texture to your space.

Tip 7: Update Your Appliances

If it’s an old house with outdated appliances, try replacing them with newer models that will bring the rest of your kitchen up-to-date. There are plenty of affordable options out there that won’t break the bank.

You can try investing in energy-efficient appliances, such as a refrigerator that regulates the temperature and an oven with a timer. And if your rental home has an old stovetop, opt for a sleek and modern induction cooktop.

Tip 8: Organize Your Rental Kitchen

All these tips won’t be worth much unless you organize them correctly, following the size and layout of your kitchen. Start by designing a work triangle where you can move around the fridge, stovetop and sink easily. Make sure to include plenty of counter space and storage drawers for all the items you’ll need. If possible, create an extra space near the kitchen where you can store large items like small kitchen appliances or even a mini pantry so that everything is in one place.

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Decorating a rental home kitchen is not easy, but it can be done with the right tips. Keep in mind the importance of blending busy and plain surfaces for a balanced look, use artwork to personalize your space, select efficient lighting fixtures, add greenery, upgrade outdated appliances if possible and organize everything correctly. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll soon have a beautiful kitchen in no time.

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