How to Choose the Best Flower Pot- 6 Types of Flower Pots

Are you fond of gardening? If yes, then you will need a lot of flowering pots. A garden needs pots and do you know how to choose the best pot for your plants? There are various types of plant pots, and every pot comes with a uniqueness. Be it the pot’s design, shape, material, or anything else, every pot is beautiful and unique in its way. However, not all plant pots would be suitable for your home. Do you want to know the flower pots suitable for you? If yes, you are surely at the right destination! This article will cover everything related to flower pots, their types, advantages, and disadvantages.

What are the various types of flower pots or planting pots available?

Starting from metal pots to terracotta flower pots, there are plenty of different types of planters available. Every planter is unique and comprises its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading below to get some exclusive tips on how to work with each type of planter.

1. Metal planters

Metal planters are unique when it comes to gardening. However, these pots are available in various sizes from small to large. If you are looking for big outdoor plant pots, you can undoubtedly include a classic metal flower pot in your home garden. Now, it’s time to know more about metal plant pots in detail.


  • metal pots are recyclable and customizable. You can use any metal container as your planter.
  • These pots are undoubtedly highly durable, they can run for a very long time compared to mud pots for plants.
  • These pots look different from other ordinary planters. Hence are highly unique and visually attractive.


  • Planters made up of metal are sometimes heavy to carry.
  • The major problem concerned with this type of pot is the heating problem. During the summer daytime, metal pots get excessively heated. As a result of which the soil in the plant pot gets excessively dry causing the plant to wilt.

Additional tips

  • To cope with the heating problem of metal pots, you will need to place the pot away from direct sunlight. For example, put your pot under the shade of a tree in your garden. Or, place the pot under a fence. This will help you work out the heating issue.
  • Bubble wraps can be used to mitigate the heating problem of metal plant pots. You will have to take a bubble wrap and wrap it around the soil pot very carefully.
  • These pots are best suited for desert plants requiring dry soils such as cacti.
  • Buying new metal plant pots can be a little heavy on the pocket. You can look out for used metal planters at your nearby farms to cut off the expense and use them as flower pots for home.
  • You can use your DIY kit to make decorative plant pots.

2. Terracotta planters or ceramic pots

Planters made from terracotta material are the most popular among all other flower pot materials. Terracotta flower planters are also known as ceramic pots. Ceramic pots are made up of glazed soil and come in plenty of sizes. These pots are highly versatile, starting from tiny to extra large.

Terracotta planters or ceramic pots

Pick large ceramic outdoor planters for big plants. For smaller plants such as bonsai, go for small ceramic pots. If you are picky about the design, you can customize your pot according to your wish! Pick up your paint brushes and start with your earthen pot decoration. Else, look up ceramic pots for plants near me on your browser and pick the appropriate one! These pots are a wonderful alternative to stone plant pots. Pick these earthen pots for plants and make your garden bloom with naturality.


  • These pots look natural and classy with their simple design.
  • ceramic pots are not very expensive. There are many cheap ceramic pots available online for you to buy.
  • Terracotta or ceramic plant pots are very durable. Buy a good-quality high-end planter and use it for years without any hassle!
  • If you choose ceramic flower pots for your garden, you will never face the problem of frosting.


  • if you are looking for big pots for trees, this is the appropriate pot type to go for. However, large ceramic plant pots are sometimes very heavily weighted. So, this can be an issue of concern.
  • Unglazed terracotta pots are not a very good option to go for as, in the pot of terracotta, soil can dry up very quickly.
  • Be it large ceramic pots, big ceramic pots for indoor plants, or small clay pots, all of them are brittle and if not handled carefully can crack.

Additional tips

  • It is best to use a glazed ceramic flower pot instead of an unglazed one. This will help the soil in your planter to remain moist.
  • Most of the time, terracotta pots for plants don’t come with a drainage hole which leads to waterlogging in the roots of the plants. To avoid this, you should create a DIY drainage hole in your clay pot using tools available at your home.
  • Without good drainage, no plant can survive for a long time. Search clay pots for plants online and check out a lot of planter options.
  • Ceramic tubs are best suited for indoors. Keep the big ceramic pots for indoor plants away from direct sunlight or snow to make them last for a long time.

3. Wooden containers

When it comes to choosing planters, the wooden plant pot is an excellent option. They are highly versatile in terms of expense, size, appearance, and weight. Also, most interestingly, you can make your wooden pot using your DIY kit. If you are fond of outdoor gardening, you should undoubtedly include multiple wooden pots in your garden. Also, be it small bonsai plants, flowering plants, or big plants, wooden containers would go with them all.

Wooden containers


  • They are cheap compared to clay flower pots.
  • They are easy to carry
  • They are highly suitable for outdoor plants.


  • Long time exposure to water can lead to decomposition of the wood
  • Pots made up of woods require high maintenance.
  • Additional tips – To avoid the boring outlook, you can paint up your wooden containers with vibrant lead-free hues to make things interesting.
  • You can use up your old wooden dressers, drawers, and containers and transform them into your new planter. Also, use your paintbrushes and create some beautiful pot design on your planters.
  • It is advisable to use pot feet to avoid water lodging in the pot
  • Also, clean up your wooden containers once a year to avoid decay and decomposition.

4. Plastic plant pots

Plastic plant pots

Have you ever seen plastic flower pots with flower? Doesn’t it look mesmerizing? Surely it does! Plastic pots are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Large plastic plant pots are perfect for big plants. You can get both traditional and modern planters made up of plastic. Plastic planters are highly versatile and are very easy to use as they require very little maintenance. Some people prefer matt finished pots while some prefer shining ones. No matter whatever you like, with this plant pot material, you can get it all.


  • plastic garden pots are available in various sizes, starting from small plants to big plastic pots for plants, so it is highly convenient.
  • Plastic flower pots are light weighted. You won’t even face issues carrying heavy and long plant pot.
  • Most of the plastic pots are crack resistant
  • These pots are undoubtedly very pocket friendly. You can get several cheap plastic plant pots available at your local stores.


  • The chemicals present in the plastic pot may be harmful to plants.
  • Cheap plastic flower pots do not look very appealing always.
  • Once old, these pots turn brittle and lose their charm.

Additional tips

  • plastic plant trays are very convenient and allow you to plant multiple saplings in a row. If you have any issues with the space consumption in your garden, try out plant trays, plastic tubs for plants, or plastic plant pot plates instead of regular pots.
  • If your plastic flower pot has lost its charm and glow, a plastic polish would come in handy.
  • Use your old plastic containers and turn them into cheap plastic flower pots effortlessly without spending a fortune.

5. Fiberglass containers

Last but not the least, this is another wonderful material for a flower pot. They are a bit different from the plastic pots and are composed of plastic that is molded. Fiber planters are very appealing, easy to carry, and very easy to use. small flower pots made from fiberglass can be used indoors. Though fiberglass is not very popular as a planter material, it has amazing properties.


  • fiber pots are the lightest of all, using the mini plant pots feels like it does not weigh at all.
  • In terms of durability, these pots are great.
  • They are incredibly appealing to the eyes compared to the clay pots for plants.


  • fiber flower pots are a bit costly.
  • Fiber planting pots can become fray and wear off with time.

6. Additional tips

  • Use pot feet with this pot material for best results.
  • Large fiber pots can be heavy to move around once filled with soil, hence it is best to position the pot before you start your gardening.
  • Small planters made from fiberglass can be hung indoors.

Closing notes

Flowers are undoubtedly the most splendid creations of nature. A tree plant pot full of vibrant, beautiful, and delicate flowers will bring incredible charm to your home. Be it glazed black plant pots, small plastic plant pots, or wooden painted plant pots every pot is beautiful. Take reference from this article and check out each pot materia’s pros and consl and deck your home garden with the appropriate flower pot!

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