Privacy Policy

We have striven to keep the policies regarding users’ and writers’ privacy as well as the sources from which we collect information and create content that is how information is used on this website all very transparent. The privacy of anyone associated with this website is taken extremely seriously. There is no third-party involvement regarding our content,  association, and traffic. Our privacy policy includes all terms and conditions that expand upon the use of external content generated through our site.

Privacy protection and transparency are the highest of our priorities here. By accepting the privacy policy you are a green to all the aspects and rules based on which this website functions. You are expected to agree to the privacy policy only after careful inspection of its contents.


Our content is based on everyday lifestyle upliftment and includes the mention of related products in one or more of its content. Links and discounts for these products and their purchase are available on the website for user benefit. Hence, mainly the specific genre of data generated on our website is related to your everyday needs, lifestyle, and shopping experience on major online platforms for lifestyle goods. These topics include but do not summarize or exhaust the list of information that is generated by the traffic.

  • Every user accessing this website is bound to follow the terms and conditions of the same policy regarding privacy and protection of data. This is an integral part of our uniformity as a content creator platform as well as our dedication to making this whole experience a holistic process. In case you have approached our services via any of the following mediums- websites, mobile applications, local advertisement, search engines, third-party social media pages, etc the same list terms and conditions of the privacy policy apply to you.
  • We dedicate our policies and terms and conditions to every user of this platform. Our success depends on user trust and support. This policy explains exactly how information is gathered and used by this institution and how we store, process, and protect the personal information belonging to both one-time and regular users that visit our website. In case you wish to know more about your rights and responsibilities in this scenario feel free to contact us about the way your information is maintained and receive a detailed consultation from our team.
  • We aim to always protect the privacy of our users. Your information is protected carefully each time you access this website. We want to ensure that you are fully informed of exactly how your information on this platform is used. By accepting the Privacy Policy Cookies generated on our website you are confirming that you are willing and bound to follow all our rules and regulations and have agreed to our policy terms and conditions.

User consent

Make certain that you provide your consent to this platform only when you are fully satisfied with our programs and data processing. Our platform generates Privacy Policy Cookies, and by clicking on Accept Cookies notification when you enter our website, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions and providing your consent to the existing privacy policy that we maintain and use.

The nature of the services provided on this website requires you to provide additional consent to the use of your information in the following ways. In case of breach of this document, legal action is sought immediately.

  • You are asked to make a personal profile containing information like contact number, email ID, name, etc
  • Your bank information is asked for only in cases where a legal transaction relating to sales of a product or service is being made. In case you are directed to an external website through advertisements or references found on this website, our institution is not responsible for the privacy policy followed by these additional stores and online platforms.
  • When you provide us personally with your information and your details or authorization of this information is sought when it is imported from any third-party site.
  • Options of feedback and regular nails of newsletters are completely under your control and are information that is handed out by you consciously with full consent to this platform. In case you wish to stop receiving emails from this platform contact us for the same.
  • You’re connecting with our customer care system for queries and customer support in case you require any is also done with your full consent and participation.

Data Protection Policy

You are beautifully informed that all necessary electronic, network-based, physical, and managerial processes which

define the rules and regulations of our industry have been fully developed and secured to prevent access to data and personal information. Sensitive and identification-related information is collected, processed, and stored using high-standard technology and uniformly alert security systems.

Advanced security has been integrated into the very core of this platform to ensure that your data does not go any further from us. Your data is encrypted using the latest methods which are routinely updated to keep up with the fast-paced internet. You must make sure that you do not hand out information to any individual or external source also acting as a visitor to this website or impersonating the authorities of this platform.

Note that no other information except the one mentioned in our policies will ever be asked for by any of our official team members. To know more about these policies and to report any suspicious activity directed towards you feel free to contact our professionals and receive instant responses.