27 Modern Living Room Wall Art Ideas


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Living Room Wall Art Ideas

Living room wall art is a classic yet personal way to spice up the overall look and feel of your living room, adding to it a piece of your own style, aesthetic, and beliefs. Cool wall art for the living room can be procured from any store –online and offline – and come in all together varying budget. There’s one for every one of them. Here are some fascinating living room wall art ideas.

Some Crazy Modern Wall Art Ideas to add Element to your Living Room

  • Abstract wall art

Abstract wall art for the living room is a fool-proof method that no designer has ever gone wrong with. They are clever, vibrant and often execute a channel of deep thoughts to go off in a viewer’s head.

  • Rustic wall art

Rustic wall art for the living room should be your number one option if the ambiance you are going for is quiet, quaint, and meditative. Rustic paintings depict everyday activities and obscure uninhabited places with flourish and care.

  • Still life wall art
Wall Art Ideas

Still life wall art is an old-fashioned classic. This patient, elemental art for the living room wall speaks volumes without saying much. They always have a lasting effect on anyone who comes across them.

  • Painting of the ocean

The ocean, a popular theme for living room wall art in Asia, depicts energy, power, time, fate, bravery, and countless other wonderful qualities. Especially rising waves, add to the depth and dimension of any room.

  • Murals

Another way to add wall art for the living room is by painting graffiti or murals upon your walls. A common yet eye-catching method adopted in Mexican interior style, the graffiti is done the right way can change everything about your familiar living space.

  • Wall Stickers

Stickers are a striking yet cost-effective method of incorporating large wall art for the living room. Birds, trees, flowers, clouds, tribal art – all kinds of living room wall art can be achieved using wall stickers.

  • Luxury living room wall art

If you are looking for art that goes higher up on the budget scale, luxury living room painting wall art from famous painters can be the statement piece to the entire interior of your home.

  • Antique wall art

No niche in history is as interesting as the history and evolution of visual arts. Renaissance, Victorian, the dark ages, Chinese art, Indian folk art; if you are looking to spend money on art pieces, why not go for antique canvas wall art for the living room?

  • A wall art gallery

If you seem to have a large space upon your walls that need to be filled, you can have great fun as an art lover by choosing different living room wall art pieces that speak to you and placing them side by side in your mini-gallery.

  • Geometric wall art

The geometric living room wall art is so versatile they go with any interior. They are a play on color combinations and artistic calculations, often with strong, bold meaning to them. They bring in social causes, strong voices, and risky creative decisions into your living space.

  • Modern wall art

Postmodern to modern living room wall art is a celebration of rising art forms and artists who are here to make their mark. They motivate the inhabitants of your home to be flexible, responsive and motivated about life and its ability to change and surprise us.

  • Blue wall art

Blue wall art for the living room is hands down the best choice if you are going for an all-white or minimalistic interior. They are soft yet intriguing to the eye, often mixing different shades and tones like a pro to inspire and pacify the mind.

  • Black wall art

For the enthusiasts of hypnotic, transforming art to go with their contemporary or German interior styles, black wall art for the living room might be just what they are looking for. Black wall art contributes tonnes to a room without taking up space.

  • Wall art sets for the living room

Ever seen those beautiful art pieces that come in threes or fours? Those are called art sets, a long-standing trend among artists and art lovers. You can always buy an art set and set it up in a way that makes it fun for you.

  • Geometric craftwork

Bohemian, tribal, or Indian craftwork can be hung on your walls as a statement piece. This kind of living room wall art comes in intricate embroidery, fine art prints, mirror work, etc.

  • African wall art

African wall art for living room. African art forms include everything you can imagine; though often grouped together they vary immensely in their style and context. Incorporate and support African art and upcoming artists.

  • Classic framed

Classic framed wall art for the living room has not gone out of fashion yet and never will – oil paintings to postmodern sensibilities, the gilded or wooden frames complement the furnishings and decorations of other pieces in the room.

  • Wall decorations as wall art

Wall decorations which include charmers, hangings, lamps, and more become beautiful living room wall art when paired with each other artistically. This often turns out to be a fun activity for the whole family.

  • Plant walls

Plants can also become your wall art haven. Plants and plant-based paintings beautifully flatter both dark and light-toned walls. When paired with each other plants and plant-based paintings energize, refresh and calm inhabitants.

  • Wood art

Wood art can be your go-to modern large wall art for the living room. They are 3D paintings carved into wood and showcase brilliant craftsmanship and artistry. For neutral and dark-toned interiors, they are a lifesaving addition.

  • Decals

Decals come in every imaginable print, quotes, word art, flowers, etc., and every imaginable size as well. Quotes and poems that mean something to you and your loved ones are often the highest form of art you can ever welcome into your home. Have fun learning the meaning of words with the people who mean the most.

  • The tree of life

A living room wall art idea that is spiritual, practical, and aesthetic all in one is the golden tree of life. Often referred to in most ancient religious texts, the tree of life is an auspicious addition that protects your family from the low points of life.

  • Metal artwork

If you are looking for wall art for living room single art that claims the entire attention of your guests, we have for you the beautiful modern metal art. Again 3D wall art that works on metal as its base, conveys the sense of regal taste and fashion.

  • Custom DIY wall art

If art has always fascinated you and being an artist was your childhood dream now is the time to start. This piece will no doubt always be your number one canvas wall art for living room choice.

  • Family portrait
Living Room Wall Art

Another brilliant wall art canvas for living room idea is to get a couple/family portrait made by your favorite underrated artist. Do not forget to get your youngest child a puppy before you get this one painted!

  • Canvas prints

Canvas art or photo prints are beautiful in themselves and look like genius interior upon the brick walls of your living room. Get a set of your favorite pictures canvas printed. Canvases themselves serve as incomparable frames as well as bases for prints.

  • Poster map wall art

Channel your inner travel geek as you get map wall art for your living room. A globe, pair of binoculars, and your childhood’s favorite travel literature – and goodness, aren’t you ready for something?


Living room wall art is, to be honest, the ones that complete your ultimate décor. Let your imagination run wild as you mix and match from the above ideas to create what no one in the world but your own living room can ever master.

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