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Do You Know Why Your Air Conditioner isn’t Cooling Enough?

Air Conditioners are an essential appliance nowadays. We can not imagine spending a day in summer turning it on. However, it may become very annoying when you are willing to use your air conditioner, but it needs to be cooling the room properly. There are a few reasons your air conditioner isn’t cooling enough. This article provides all the information about why your air conditioner needs to be cooling the room properly.

Reasons Of Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Enough

Inappropriate AC Unit Placement

If you own a split AC, you will know that there are two parts, the indoor and outdoor unit. If you want your air conditioner to work optimally, both these units should work correctly, so the AC runs smoothly. For the indoor unit, keep in mind the size of the room and select the indoor unit. Avoid placing the AC units in direct sunlight.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is an essential part of a split AC. The air conditioner comes with two parts: the evaporator and the condenser. If the outdoor unit becomes dirty, it will hamper the air conditioner’s cooling capacity, and you will feel the air conditioner is not cooling enough. All the dirt and debris will prevent heat transfer, thus blocking the cooling process. All you need to do is contact a trustworthy servicing company and get the AC cleaned up properly.

Blocked Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit gets blocked if a lot of dirt forms inside the outdoor unit and the air conditioner is not cooling enough. In this case, the air fails to pass correctly, and the air conditioner performs poorly. To fix this problem, you always do not need a technician. At times, you can do it yourself. Just clean the outdoor unit with water, and the debris will be washed away.

Clogged Air Filter

Air filters are net-like structures in the Indoor unit—these work to prevent tiny dust particles from entering the air conditioner. Sometimes, this air passage gets blocked due to excessive dirt or dust, resulting in less air flowing in and out of the AC. You can fix this problem by taking them out, rinsing them properly with water, and then putting them back. It will help to improve the cooling capacity.

Dirty Condenser Coil

Dirt and debris are the biggest enemies of any electronic appliance. The case is the same for air conditioners. If there is any dirt and debris that may form on the condenser coil, it traps the heat within the coil. Due to this trapped heat, the coils become overheated, and the performance degrades. You can quickly solve this problem by calling for AC servicing and cleaning them up.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is present in the indoor unit of the air conditioner. The main job of this part of an air conditioner is to absorb all the heat in the room. If dirt builds up on the evaporator coil, this becomes a blockage for the heat transfer and will result in the air conditioner not cooling enough. Try to get it cleaned up properly with the help of a technician, and your AC will work like new.

Poorly Optimized Thermostat Setting

A thermostat sensor allows the air conditioner to sense the room’s temperature. If this occurs, the AC will not be able to communicate correctly amongst the condensers. That is why your air conditioner is not cooling enough and needs a bit of time to cool the room call for a technician and get it fixed to stay safe from the scorching heat in the summer season.

Low Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant or coolant is a vital fluid that helps to absorb the heat from the surrounding air, which is critical. If you are facing cooling issues, there is a high chance of this liquid leaking. It can lead to a damaged or failed compressor or a complete system shutdown. The technician will replace the liquid so that your AC works as new.

Damaged Parts

These are electronic appliances; most of the time, some critical parts of the machines get damaged after prolonged use. In an air conditioner, the coils or the coolant are mostly the parts that get harmed.

When you detect some defect, you can quickly call a mechanic or book a servicing for the AC and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Old System

Every electronic appliance has its own age, and it cannot always work the same. The performance will start degrading at a certain period because the AC has grown old.

It is just a regular feature of an air conditioner’s life span; thus, it is essential to replace them when it cannot work any further.

Excessive Ventilated Room

The job of AC is to reduce the humidity of the area in which they are installed. The humid air goes through the evaporator and becomes calm, and this process continues.

It is what gives the room the desired temperature. But if the rooms are not sealed properly, the humid air flows continuously and hampers the cooling process.

Undersized AC and Faulty Remote

Even after you have done a thorough check on your air conditioner and cannot find any faults, it may happen that the AC is not the perfect size or the remote has some problem.

Get a technician to solve these faults so your AC works correctly. Thus if your air conditioner is not working properly and the air conditioner is not cooling enough, go for this reason and spend some money to get it fixed.


Thus an AC is a perfect savior during the Summer day. Another common problem is the lack of maintenance. If the air conditioner is not cooling enough, you must get the servicing done at your home. Just bring your trusted technician and complete the job so the AC starts working correctly.

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