8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Decorating Your Small Apartment

Living in a small space can be comfortable, affordable, and, more often than not, even delightful. Yet, decorating such a space may be challenging without the right small apartment decorating ideas and approach. You can make it work with the right furniture, layout, and paint colors, however. Common design tips for tiny apartments include:

• Choosing well-fitting rugs to avoid cramping the space

• Using mirrors or reflective surfaces to make your room appear more spacious

• Decluttering the area of unnecessary furnishings or decorative accessories

• Picking multipurpose furniture pieces, such as nesting tables

Read on to learn a few more tips on how to make the most out of your space when you are decorating your home.

1. Get a Pet or House Plant

Plants give your apartment a homey appeal as they can be set up in various creative ways. You can hang greenery from the ceiling or the walls to conserve space. Potted plants or flowers in a vase can go a long way to make your room feel less sterile.

You can also get a small pet for your apartments, such as a cat, dog or parrot. Although this isn’t quite a design tip, it can bring joy to a place that may feel small and sterile. Always keep in mind the size of the pet you want because you won’t have space for a large dog to comfortably live. If it’s feasible, this can be a way to make your house into a home! When it comes time for the holidays, decorate with custom dog stockings and adorable festive pet toys.

2. Choose Light Color Palettes

Selecting an interior design color palette is a process most people overlook because of individual furniture pieces and décor. However, for your tiny space, you should choose a color palette that makes your room appear larger. Colors such as off-white, white, pastels or low-saturation colors create an airy and expansive interior décor.

3. Embrace Minimalism

Sometimes, having fewer furniture and décor pieces can define your apartment space without stretching its limits. For instance, if your apartment has floor tiles or an elegant floorboard, consider leaving the floor bare instead of covering it up with a rug. This will help expand the visual range of your space.

Proper storage helps you keep your apartment spacious, minimalist, and organized. Take advantage of storage boxes and baskets to keep toys, old appliances, and stuff you no longer use out of sight. You can keep the storage boxes under a couch, wall ledges, or bed.

4. Use Ceiling-to-Floor Drapes

Spruce up your tiny apartment with light-colored ceiling-to-floor curtains to give your apartment more height. Ceiling-to-floor curtains instantly make a space feel snug and comfortable. The stretch from an extended height and folding as it puddles on the floor provides a better interior décor view. Even better, you can move the curtain rod closer to the ceiling to give your apartment a luxurious ambiance.

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5. Use Multi-Use Furniture

Decorating small apartments depend on multi-functional furniture to save space. Instead of getting a traditional couch as an extra sleeping bed for visitors, consider a sofa bed or futon. You can also use an ottoman with storage instead of a conventional table to save space and provide additional comfort.

A coffee table that can be raised to the height of a typical dining room table eliminates the need for a separate eating area and table. Poufs are décor items that work in any small room. They are compact and may serve as an ottoman, coffee table or a seat for a visitor. You can even pack and fold them back down when not in use.

6. Use Adequate Lighting

Let natural light in so that your studio or small apartment appears larger. If your room doesn’t allow ambient light, you can install light fixtures that give the illusion of natural lighting. Lighting should be layered, especially in a compact space.

Mix in floor, ceiling and table lamps, but use a centerpiece pendant light for a focal point. Cove lights with warm, yellow colors make the ceiling appear higher. For seasonal decorations, consider personalized Christmas ornaments you can accessorize with these lights.

7. Use Oversized Wall Mirrors

Large mirrors effectively create an illusion of depth that reflects across your tiny apartment, giving the illusion of a larger space. To visually extend a small area, hang giant wall mirrors on large blank walls.

8. Accessorize Strategically

Decorating tiny areas with hanging wall art or tapestries adds character to the space. Remember to choose ones with basic and light designs to prevent overly complicating the walls. You have the option of hanging a single huge piece or a collection of smaller ones. On the other hand, art and wall hangings can raise the visual attraction of your little flat.

This draws attention away from a cluttered floor and onto the much cleaner walls. If the artwork or tapestry is basic enough in form, it can function virtually as a window, expanding visual space.

Some more ways to make the most out of your small apartment decoration include:

• Getting oversized real or faux greenery

• Swapping out floor lamps for wall sconces and cove lights

• Creating dedicated spaces or zones in the room

• Opting for fabrics with a ‘lived-in’ look

• Choosing personalized Christmas shirts instead of a Christmas tree for themed parties at your apartment

• Choosing accent furniture with delicate frames

• Getting acrylic or glass furniture to increase the room’s visual depth

Final Words

You can make the most out of decorating your small apartment by making it seem more spacious. While a simple and minimalist approach is advisable, you should not limit yourself. You can use it as an opportunity to show your personal décor style.

Combining different elements will enlarge the appearance of your tiny room, so ensure that the color of furniture pieces blends with the walls and the area rug blends with the floor. You don’t have to splurge as much if you know how to make do with what you have. Use this page as your guide for small apartment decorating ideas, and you’ll have a great time decorating!

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