10 Awesome Modern Wall Clock Design Ideas for Household

Modern wall clock designs have been winning the hearts of millions of homeowners around the world as more and more people embrace minimalist and contemporary interior styles. But the thing is, wall clocks modern goes with almost every interior style mix out there, and with a little careful selection our wall clock can become the centerpiece to your lovely home.

Modern wall clock ideas you do not want to miss

Creative and decorative wall clocks

Large modern wall clocks with decorative, colorful designs can be eye-catching without being impractical. Polka dots, florals, asymmetrical clocks, children’s wall clocks, all these come in varied postmodern styles.

  • Pendulums

Who said pendulums are a thing of the past? Modern wall clocks with pendulums of every size have been designed by artists over the years. Pendulums are still very much in fashion, and you can find them included as much in mid-century modern wall clock styles as in the latest releases.

  • Metallic wall clocks

Metallic wall clocks with their clean lines and sharp angles flawlessly complement neutral tones, dark shades, and modern furnishings.  Paired alongside a few metallic sculptures or artwork, your wall clock can transform your living room walls.

  • Modern Digital wall clocks

Nothing says modern as much as a digital modern wall clock. These are ultra-modern wall clocks that can display everything from seconds to date, temperature, weather, and even to-do lists. They come with advanced settings and many interesting display formats to choose from.

  • Luxury wall clocks

Luxury wall clocks are a great choice for people who do not want to compromise on quality when they go for the trustability of big brands. Brands like Rolex, Breguet, and Omega put time and effort into the creation of designer clocks, such that you will not find them anywhere else. They are in themselves statement pieces that upgrade the overall ambiance of any room, home, or office.

  • Midcentury wall clocks

The period after the world war saw innumerable additions in the field of technology and architecture. Being the founding years of modern architecture, midcentury design items like the midcentury modern wall clock remain in huge demand.

  • DIY wall clocks

What fun would it be to craft your own wall clock yourself? Upgrading a basic clock with some of your favorite modern wall clock custom additions often turns into a beautiful memory shared by all members of the household together.

  • Built-in wall clocks

Clocks built right into the living room, office, or kitchen wall look super chic and classy, especially when a little twist is added to its overall appearance.  Built-in modern wall clocks come in simple to unusual designs that appear striking at the very first glance.

  • Contemporary glass wall clock

Glass wall clock modern often set amid windows, vents, partitions, and even walls themselves (depending on the homeowner’s budget) and dazzle visitors with their see=through, crystal clear structure.

Mirror wall clock

For houses going for minimalist, white to neutral-toned interiors with a lot of emphasis on space and natural lights, incorporating mirrors into furniture and decoration can be a way to accentuate the brightness and openness of the whole setup.

How to choose a modern wall clock?

Modern Wall Clock Design

With so many options available in the market, choosing a modern wall clock large or small, colorful or muted, postmodern or midcentury can be a daunting task. A clock is a basic necessity in all households and office spaces; people look at them countless times a day and most often during stressful times. Hence, a wall clock not only shapes the ambience of a room but also the psychology of its inhabitants. While choosing a modern wall clock one should take care that

  • Your wall clock should be easy to read and not something too abstract or distracting to the eye. A very confusing to read clock becomes a hindrance in times of desperate need.
  • The size and structure of your wall clock should complement the respective sizes and structures of other furniture. Unless it is to be the main statement piece of your room, do not go for something oversized and claustrophobic
  • Clocks like all objects impact human psychology. Artistic or joyful colors go well with living areas; a study or an office should have more practical structures to instill professionals with energy and drive.
  • If you have children, opt for analog clocks that have all the numbers written on them. Reading clocks is an important aspect of primary education, and abstract clocks or roman numbers can hamper the general process.
  • If you are a geek for a special show, science field, or some unforgettable famous personality, chances are you can find a clock to suit your taste and advertise your love on the walls of your home for everyone to see.
  •  Customized wall clocks are the go-to thing when all else fails. Modern wall clocks with a customized design that celebrate your wedding, childbirth, or family photos are always a great idea for new homemakers that rarely goes wrong.


From handmade pieces to luxury designs, telling time has never been as fun in history as it is now. Glitter, DIY, trendy, classic – everything is available easily, and honestly, there are so many choices it will be hard to pick one! A modern wall clock can be procured in every damage-proof, waterproof, and environment-friendly option, as per your need. There is no possible way to regret a modern wall clock purchase; they are so fascinating and fulfilling in every sense.

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