Blue Sofa Living Room Ideas- Make it Classy!


Blue sofa

Blue sofa sets have been a popular addition to interior choices this year. Blue is a universal color with almost countless different shades and tones at its mercy. When it comes to sofas and couches, both the colors and the styles can be played upon to create the required effect.

This article brings to you a comprehensive guide to blue sofa living room ideas that ranges from the softest pastel to the most brilliant of electric blues.

Blue sofa set ideas for the living room

The modern blue sofa living room will baffle you with the endless choice it will provide for you to choose from. This includes the production of every budget, eco-friendly as well as non-eco-friendly creations.  The trick for all users is to buy at their personal discretion and make sure that the decisions they make do not affect the environment adversely.

A pastel sofa set

We all love a sweet pastel. Pastels toned down the loud colors of the room with the simple presents and accentuate the natural lighting of the room as well. If you have white, dark, or neutral-toned walls this pastel sofa set will also act as a centerpiece of attention and reflect your refinery taste.

Needless to say, blue sofa sets in both their sweet and turquoise tones are proof of the sophistication of any room. A toned-down fur rug underneath to match with, and silver-toned showpieces are a must-up-gradation that comes with a pastel sofa set.

Blue sectional sofa

Sectional sofas work both in luxury settings as well as practical ones. These sofa sets are a real favorite for enthusiasts of German interior styles, Contemporary interior styles, and Industrial interior styles. A blue sectional sofa set also has another pro to add to its name: it is easily available in all furnishing stores, from the mass-produced ones to a designer’s choice collection.

It can also surprise you with gold detailing on top of its numerals blue tints. On the other hand, a simple edition of wood on the arms or the legs can give it an irrefutable industrial look.

Light Blue sofa

You can also go light blue without going past till with the help of a light blue sofa set. Why compromise on the bright light blue color of a summer’s sunny sky if that has always been a fascination to you? Light blue sofa sets are especially preferred in artistic corporate settings like offices, cafes, receptions, and more.

The light blue sofa can be made to add a wonderful contrast to white, grey, and deep red. Alternatively, the bright appearance can add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral interior style. Light blue sofas name faces on the already present sharp lines and crisp edges of the rest of the interior.

The blue leather sofa

Imagine adding a navy blue leather sofa to the center of your beautiful priceless collection of furniture and take pieces with which you have given your living room an incomparable personality and guide. The blue leather sofa is a promise of wealth and class.

blue sofa set

They have been used in preference for almost a century and have been a staple in the contemporary interior design school. However, we will always suggest the purchase of a quality faux leather piece heavily against the purchase of an actual one.

These days it is possible to make a choice that doesn’t have animals at the cost of no reduction in quality. It is our collective duty to make the best use of such available options.

Going for the vintage look

A royal blue sofa or a navy blue sofa can perfectly complement a vintage interior design. Complete with rustic mirrors, royal chandeliers, and the illumination of candle lights and lanterns, the vintage never ceases to surprise. The royal blue is called royal for a reason, and the navy blue adds depth and color to an already detailed, incredibly aesthetic place.

Decorating a navy blue sofa by adding a cover of crochet, a silk embroidery, silk brocade, or muslin or pashmina covering would be your final say in your skillset paying attention to detail.

Blue Velvet sofa

A little more versatile but equally appealing to the antique, and similarly used for centuries for that rustic but regal appearance, the blue velvet sofa is mesmerizing, especially in the darker shades.

The velvet can be brought to attention by adding a bit of wood and or metal in the legs and edges, thereby counting the softeners of the velvet with something sharper while making way for it to match with the other contents of the room. Heavy drapery usually goes with the blue velvet sofa, and a shelving display of ceramics will never disappoint you.

Blue Sleeper sofa

Perhaps the most practical and economical one on this list, the blue sleeper sofa is for those people who want to make the best use of small space or keep an emergency sleeping option for the arrival of guests they didn’t prepare for!

Since these sofas are usually preferred by people on a budget, cost-effective sleeper sofas are widely available in every shade of blue you can possibly imagine. The production ranges from the soft blue tufted sofa to a course as well as fine work of embroidery.

Budget selection with endless choices, it is important to select the sleeper sofa that is soft and smooth enough to actually be a friend to you at night.

How to pair colors with a blue sofa?

Last but not least, it is essential to make a count of color schemes go with a blue sofa. Your blue sofa set can garner a lot of positive attention, but you must do it right. The blue sofa living room art can be aced by pairing the following colors with all shades:

  • Pastel tones of pink, beige, sage green, etc
  • Neutral tones of Grey and brown
  • Shades of off white and white, even if they occur together
  • Darker backgrounds of Steel grey and black
  • Royal colors of gold, bronze, and brass
  • Complimenting the blue sofa with other shades of blue similar in their warmth or coolness
  • Bright red and deep red
  • Lemon yellow and orange
  • Tropical green


A blue sofa set can work wonders. It resides on the furniture bucket list of a lot of people, and we are definitely one of them. The color blue is supposed to encourage feelings of confidence, productivity, and enthusiasm in everyday life. Alternatively, blue can be a way to enrich the mind with calm, peace, and freshness. The darker shades represent strength, valor, and mystery.

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