Invite Nature To Your Living Room With Live Edge Coffee Tables

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if we could bring the raw organic feel of nature into our personal space? It is now readily possible with a live edge coffee table! n Feel the earthy elements flow very slowly into your bones as you relax by your table with a coffee in hand and feel calm by the essence of nature.

What is a live edge coffee table?

Most often when we purchase wooden furniture, the material has rare similarities to the original wood it has been made from. To maintain the originality and rawness of nature, live edge wood coffee tables highlight the irregularity of real wood and preserve the edges and surface for an enchanting look.

Live edge or natural edge is a style of furniture where the natural appearance of the wood is incorporated into the design of the piece. Usually, gnarly wood, which is often hard to incorporate into furniture is used in these designs to give them a special look.

In live-edge furniture, the original shape of the wood is neither sawed-off nor destroyed. Maintaining the shape, the edges are just smoothened out to prevent injuries and accumulating dust.

And the best part is that there are several variations to live-edge coffee tables! To make sure that your coffee table matches with the surroundings and also your purpose, here are some types of live edge coffee tables that are stylish yet essential, that can not only be used in rustic and bohemian décor but also in any decorations!

Live edge walnut coffee table

The elegant rich tones of Walnut wood are perfect for modern and contemporary décors! So, when a live edge coffee table is made of walnut wood it gives a beautiful cross of contemporary and rustic appearance.

coffee table

The main attraction of walnut coffee tables is the grain pattern which makes it a perfect choice for coffee tables that are usually at the center stage in any living room. It polishes to transform into a smooth finish making it look classy yet unique! The lustrous patina gives a beautiful appearance to the overall look of the furniture and a high-end finish.

Walnut wood is also recommended due to its low cost and longevity when used as coffee tables. Since such furniture does not have to endure the heavy load, there is no burden of bending of the medium dense hardwood and the grainy pattern hides minor wear, thus suitable for regular and long-time use.

Since the color of walnut wood changes over time, it will provide the feeling of passing time that gives us a sense of peace and flowing nature around us. Walnut wood, which is generally darker in its original color will become lighter over time with the exposure to sunlight.

Live edge round coffee table

Bring a mid-century modern look with the classic yet modern look of round coffee tables. If you want to make the most of your live-edge coffee table then going for a round surface will be the best option for you. Maintain the irregularity along with the internal texture of a bark that will add a uniqueness to the table’s pattern.

Perfect for small spaces and stealing the spotlight in any gathering, the live edge coffee table is sure to attract attention for its unique design and usability. Choosing the right kind of live edge coffee table legs is important to keep them durable and classy.

If you want longevity over anything, using metallic legs will be the wisest choice. Low-cost and long-lasting, metal legs will give your table a contemporary and clean look.

If you have kids running around your house and want to have a baby-proof décor, go for wooden box legs, not only they can be utilized as storage but also give an attractive twist to your coffee table while keeping your loved ones out of harm’s way.

What is a standard size of a live edge coffee table?

Mostly the size of the live edge table depends on the buyer and their requirements. But to give you an idea about the standard sizes available readily, here are some suggestions.

For small live edge coffee tables, that you want to fit into limited spaces, the standard dimensions are 28 inches in length and 20.5 inches in breadth on average. And for smaller varieties that you want to use as corner tables, they are available in15.5-inch length, 14.5-inch width, and 16-inch height, which is a perfect size for a small and cozy multipurpose table.

Medium size tables for regular use as coffee tables, the standard size would come from a 22-inch length to 30-inch width. Now since this kind of coffee table usually sits in front of the sofa, the size ratio should be crucially measured. The golden ratio rules out a 2:3 ratio indicating that the largest furniture should be two-thirds of the area. This will maintain a flow of space and make your living room less crowded yet beautifully decorated.

As for large live-edge tables that you alternatively want to use as dining tables, the average size would be the 47-inch in length and 27-inch breadth. These are usually meant for rooms with multiple chairs and sofas.


A coffee table should fit seamlessly into your living room and make you comfortable in your personal space. Coming home with furniture too big or small in comparison to your room will affect both the appearance of your room and your mood adversely. So be careful while choosing the size and style of your live edge coffee table!

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