The 3 Key Differences Between Dining Room And The Living Hall

A house is one of human’s most significant investments throughout his life. One plans it with a lot of dreams and aspirations. Others wish to have their ideal dream, like a house, once they are undertaking this investment. So, there are a lot of different rooms in a house. Each name has a different value and significance. Well, the dining is separate from the living just like the bedroom is different from the kitchen.

However, people often need clarification to determine the difference between the dining hall and the living room. This confusion arises because many people use the title dining hall and living room synonymously and need to learn that they are different. Though the living room and the dining hall share certain similarities, there are several differences too.

Here in this article, we will discuss the key differences between the dining room and the living hall that create a thin line of difference between a dining room and a living hall.

Three Central Point Of Differences That A Dining Room And A Living Hall Share

The key differences between a dining room and a living hall might be challenging to understand, but they are simple. There is nothing complex in it.


The first key difference between the dining room and the living hall is the purpose for which both rooms are used. As the name suggests, a dining room is used for dinner with your family and closed once. The dining room is where the most significant thing is the dining table which is the most functional area. It is the place that allows you to bond with your family.

However, the living hall is used for the common purpose of the family, where people reflect their personalities and maintain a public presence. People use it for spending their leisure time, watching movies with their family, and spending quality time with them. The living room is for a living when you are not using the bedroom. You can sit with your family and friends when they arrive at your place and chill with them sitting on the chair, and sofas, enjoying the warmth from the fireplace during winter and having fun.

However, the dining room is for dinner before they leave your place.


Another central point that makes both the rooms different is that the dining room is entirely private. Well, nowadays, private space is something that people cannot compromise. That is why people usually don’t give access to outsiders or guests in their dining room. It is used mainly by the people of the house at night for dining, lunch, or breakfast together. To be more specific, it is a place where people spend their ME TIME with their family.

However, the living room is the area that guests get access to. People are often made to sit in their living room whenever they arrive at your place. Generally, house owners use the living hall as a public place; however, it depends upon the willingness of the homeowner to use it as a public or a semi-public place.


The difference between the dining room and the living hall is the size of the dining room, which also differs from that of the living room. The size of the dining room ranges from the standard range to filling four people in it. It means four to several eight people can fit in a standard dining room. Thus the size of the dining room is 3m × 4m.

Whereas, when it comes to the size of the living room, the average size in most cases, the living room is 4m × 7m. Now the thing lies in the fact that the house owner depending upon their preferences, can increase the size of the living room to howsoever they want.


These are the fundamental key differences between the dining room and the living hall, which make a living room different from a dining. However, they use them alternatively in many households with little space to have two different living rooms and dining rooms.

They don’t differentiate between the living room and the dining room, and they use one single room for the dining room and the living room, depending upon the need of the situation.

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