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10 Unique Types Of Light Bulbs That Will Totally Transform Your Interior

According to the very basics of science, a light source is the initiator of every visual perception. In the world of art, light has been used to fixate, hide and spotlight various objects; lighting has been used for centuries to convey depth, emotions, and ambiance.

In interior architecture lighting plays a similarly crucial role; and a choice as simple as that of a light bulb can revolutionize your entire setup, both for the good and the bad.

Which Kind of Light Bulb Are You Looking For?

Since lighting is so essential, there must be an overwhelming variety out there each built to satiate a special need, right? Right.

Fishing out your exact requirement from this plethora of choices can be daunting, but not anymore with this carefully crafted list of essential to super creative light bulbs available in the market.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs, a relatively new invention, have quickly become a staple for most electrical and electronic goods in today’s market, even replacing the CFL bulbs in terms of efficiency as well as ecological accountability. They are available in many different sizes and power, as seen between the h7 led bulb, 1157 led bulb, and the superpower h11 bulb.

Sunset lamp bulbs

Sunset lamps are a little on the creative side but are infinitely popular among teenagers, especially the ones who love to keep up with home décor social media trends. Sunset lamp bulbs are a bit expensive but durable and mesmerizing like no other.

Study lamp bulbs

Study lamp bulb shopping may appear to be a piece of cake to the unobservant shopper, but a study lamp bulb has a secret set of criteria it must meet. The study lamp bulb must be designed as a white, steady light and it must be gentle on the eyes. Too harsh a bulb can cause fatigue, lack of focus, and in the long term even serious eye problems. For example, an appropriate light bulb would be an a19 bulb with an e26 light bulb base.

The reflector bulbs

There are certain interior styles that the reflector bulb alone can complement to the utmost degree. Known to provide a larger range of lighting than normal bulb-light systems, they are used to illuminate study tables, kitchen tabletops, and even artwork. Other kinds of reflector lighting are used to photograph models, products, and still life setups.

Night bulb

The night bulb is essential too; especially if you have young children, or simply bear some such characteristics yourself. Simple night bulbs can be bought in a number of hues like red, blue, green, or a very soothing, quiet yellow. This lazy lighting illuminates rooms and hallways without blinding the tired sleeper.

Dusk to dawn light bulb

The fact that technology can make any household item infinitely better is proven by the dusk to dawn light bulb. These smart bulbs can be timed on a lamp or a socket to automatically turn off as the dawn awakes. This saves a lot on utility bills and is a majorly eco-friendly choice.

Rechargeable light bulb

The rechargeable light bulb is every traveler’s dream. These bulbs come with charging sockets and built-in batteries which actually have solid backups. If you live in a place that suffers from frequent power outages, this bulb then is also for you.

Lava lamp bulbs

The lava lamps are a treat to the eye. The lava lamp bulb illuminates tables, counters, and windowsills in all colors and fascinating colloidal patterns. Once a homeowner puts one of these beside their bed, we can guarantee they are never going back. Decorative bulbs can either come in the standard e26 screw base or the smaller, more accommodating e12 bulb base.

Motion sensor light bulb

The motion sensor light bulb these days has become a staple addition to the Foyer region of most homes and apartments. Simply put, they act as a tech-based announcer of someone’s arrival back home. They prevent the owner from walking into dead darkness and are also used as security from unwanted intrusion.

Colour changing a light bulb

The smart bulb, also known as the color-changing light bulb, is a digital bulb-lighting system that is able to change from one hue to another upon command. Some of these lighting systems can be connected to the Alexa and can be turned on, off, or to certain color by simple voice command.


The initial investment in quality lighting products can lead to better utility bills, steady voltage, and durability for more than half a decade. Quality light bulbs can better illuminate the special moments of your life – lighting influences your mood, your self-confidence, and even your day-to-day productivity.

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