12 Fantastic Ways to Add an Antique Mirror to Your Living Space | How You Can Make One Yourself


Antique Mirror

People who have never owned an antique object do not know its ambiguity – antiques are a mystery, a prized possession that survives as the existing remains to a forgotten time.  No wonder, therefore, that objects like antique mirrors are becoming such popular aesthetic choices these days.

Exclusive Ways to Include Antique Mirrors

Here are 12 unique ways to include antique mirrors in your beautiful interior.

  • Wall antique mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall; a timeless interior choice that has throughout the ages been considered good taste. Simplicity never goes out of style, and a beautiful gilded antique gold mirror can sufficiently add a statement to any room.

  • Overmantel Mirrors

Mirrors over your tasteful fireplace are the go-to thing these days. Successfully bringing back the elements of the Victorian interior to your modern house can be a charming thing, especially if the old fascinates you on an everyday basis.

  • Pairing Antique Mirrors With Other Great Decors

Other antique objects like wooden furniture, candlestands, chandeliers, warm-colored sofas, embroidered cushions, retro wallpapers, etc. especially the lanterns reflected in antique mirrors are so underrated we swear!

  • Going Goth

Gothic aesthetics find antique mirrors indispensable on all fronts. Antique mirrors often come with fascinating, eerie stories attached to them; it just takes the right person to dig them out.

  • Those Victorian Pollard Mirrors

Pollard mirrors are a structure of multiple mirrors joined into one set in clever and artistic ways. If you have always wanted to own a unique antique mirror with a little twist, you should try out the Pollard ones for sure.

  • The Vanity Mirror As a Centerpiece

Antique vanity with mirrors is a popular addition to otherwise minimalist, industrial, or German interior designs since they serve as a centerpiece that adds culture and artistic standards to the overall ambiance.

  • Fusing Different Art Forms Together

Antique mirror vanity is being recreated nowadays with different ceramic, acrylic, and plaster-of-Paris artworks to give them a revolutionized appearance. These vanity sets compliment warmer interiors like the Mexican and Indian households perfectly.

  • Remodel an Old Antique Dresser With Amirror

You can do it yourself too! Remodeling an antique dresser is a delightful task, and you can make personal additions and colors to forgotten, mystifying objects.

  • Antique Metalwork Mirror

Antique wall mirrors with metalwork are a little hard to find but these can completely change the game. Silver, gold, and brasswork mirrors all go with different hues and interiors. Silver looks beautiful on minimalist, dark tones, while brass compliments rustic tones to flawlessness.

  • Lobby Mirrors

Large, antique mirrors in lobbies and halls are often used to accentuate space and fill the empty walls with a little bit of personification. Lobby mirrors are huge, rectangular, and covered with thin, detailed frames.

  • Foyer Mirrors

Interior designers have been thrilled by this one for years now;  mirrors or vanity sets at the very entrance of the house, or the foyer, so that self-introspection and self-gratitude are the first thoughts to come to someone entering your home.

  • Antique Mirrors on Textured Wall

A lesser-known and underrated trick, contrasting the rustic antique build of the mirror with the clean, crisp textures of a modern wall is used by professionals to put your antique mirror to its best possible throne.

The Correct Use of Mirrors – Why Are They Essential?

Antique Mirrors
  • The mirror angles are essential to their existence. A mirror set at a great angle can epitomize all the beautiful objects in your room and create a magical pathway to a put-together ambiance that can’t quite be placed.
  • They give an illusion of greater space when used well. Reflecting clean lines, corners, and dimensions when used with wit can both baffle and impress.
  • They reflect and re-reflect light. Natural lighting in the presence of mirrors fills the room with clarity and energy. This same mirror when in the dark can reflect lamps, candles, and chandeliers to produce an Arabian Nights’ effect.
  • You can find another use of your mirror in reflecting the prized artwork in our possession.  Mirrors should never reflect boring furniture or dull color. That can ruin the entire beauty of the room.

How to Make an Antique Mirror?

So, the question arises, how to make an antique mirror? The antique mirror can be expensive, and if you do not wish to purchase one, does that mean you will miss out on all the fun? Surprisingly, antique mirrors are easy to make. There are two tutorials required to make these mirrors, one on how to antique mirror glass, and another on how to paint a mirror frame antique gold.

To antique mirror glass, Muriatic acid or Mirror spray paint is used. Here is one way to do it: remove the mirror glass from the frame and clean it. Then apply the paint on the mirror in an uneven manner (spraying more on the sides than in the center) and blot out the excess to create a blotched, frayed look. You may use vinegar water to make sure the paint doesn’t stick on certain parts of the glass. Color the opposite side with black spray paint.

How do Antique Mirror Frames?

This time, clean the frame after removing it from the glass. Start with spraying a white coat.  Then choose gold (or beige, tan or brown, you do you buddy) color and spray it across the frame.

Let it be uneven and do not cover the whole frame. Let some parts remain exposed. Then in the second coat, cover the whole frame uniformly. Then wipe and distress the surface. You may make scratches on the frame at random places. End your artistic flourish by scraping away some paint around the dents.


Antique mirrors are a sparkling addition to any home. If they are your current obsession, do not hold back and make them your new, revered project. If you already own one, make sure to give it the exposure it deserves. This antique craze is not just a trend; remember, antiques never go out of style.

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