Sophisticated Wood Wall Décor Ideas


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A wall might be a mundane element of your home if it is not adorned with wall decors. However, most home walls feature cheap and mass-produced monochromatic prints or a badly-drawn figurine, or a printed canvas photograph. This does not feel fair to your walls, which are literally are a part of the foundation of your home. Wall decors, especially wood wall decor add the unusual rustic touch to your home.

Wood promotes warmth, a hint of nature, and textile all interiors are compatible with. Wood wall decor pieces are suitable for all kinds of rooms: from bathrooms to kids’ rooms to the main living area, wooden wall decors add to the creativity and sophistication of a bare wall.

5 Unique Elements for Wood Wall Decor

Wood Panel Wall Decor

Wooden wall decor panels are a popular element of wall decor in recent trends. Such panels can vary in shapes, sizes as well as colors. Panels can both be used to decorate the entire wall or to form smaller accents on the walls with decorative wood pieces. Square and rectangle wooden panels are the most used decor elements as they form wall designs styled as tiles. Additionally, more creative designs can be formed of panels, including gorgeous textures or 3D effects.

Wood and Metal Wall Decor

The blend of wood and metal renders a stylish look to elements of design for modern interiors. The metal and wood wall decor can be formed from pretty wall sculptures composed of metal wires and pieces of wood attached. Moreover, the combination of metal and wood is usually featured in traditional or vintage homes.

Wood and metal wall decor pieces are often considered ideal when they can combine functionality with visual aesthetics. A few of such wood and metal wall decor elements include clock wall art, family portrait tree, mirror wall art, etc. Such functional wood and metal combined decor pieces convey a look of aesthetics and ergonomics, offering the look a horde of compliments.

Wood Wall Art Decor

Wooden art for the wall does not always necessarily include large wood panels. Wood wall decor art pieces might even consist of hundreds and thousands of tiny fragments of wood, that are skillfully arranged, to form an interesting texture, with painted colors adding hues to it.

Wood wall decor inevitably adds charm to every corner of a wall and it suits all kinds of home designs, right from contemporary to vintage. Wooden wall decor that depicts art remains pristine for long periods and is unlikely to go out of fashion.

Rustic Wood Wall Decor

Rustic wall decor is a symbol of natural beauty; it is significant of the art of reusing old materials and neutral earthy tones of colors. Rustic wall decor such as pre-owned carved wood wall decor adds a rustic touch to your home walls. The key point of such ideas is that there are items scattered around the house that can be repurposed to create wood wall decor.

While most of the items of wall decor can be provided by family and friends who have no use left for that item or were going to dispose of it, items from a garage sale or other such finds also account for rustic wall decor. Rustic ideas prove an age-old quote: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Wood Arch Wall Decor

Arch designs between rooms such as the living room and the dining room are supposed to provide access to and from both the rooms. Hence it is a better design if an arch is more neutral in looks and nature. Although they are more than often tricky to decide on, any effort made on arch designs such as those under hobby lobby wood wall decor is worth it.

Designing decor arches often proves to be one of the most memorable aspects of building and decorating your walls and home. Wooden arch wall decor comes with customizable options that account for every unique design and look. They range and vary from royal to modern to ethnic to the Mediterranean, almost anything wooden that one might imagine.

A Final Word

Wood wall decor does not simply refer to decor pieces made out of wood. Creating simple wall art and adding branches to it result in acute decoration, which leads to the illusion of trees that are supposedly growing from the wall itself. Besides, such a decor piece comparatively costs very little and it can be installed with ease and instantly by the homeowners themselves.

Wood wall decor ideas have the potential to up the charm of any place, no matter where the wall of your house is situated. It is a suitably preferable design idea to create all kinds of home designs, right contemporary to vintage aesthetics. Wooden wall decor retains longevity for long periods and is unlikely to go out of fashion.

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