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6 Royal Accent Mirror Ideas That Brighten Your Home | Fact About Accent Mirror

Mirrors do not only act as surfaces where you can check how you look but also as objects that add sheen and style and gloss to a space. Stylish mirrors, such as an accent mirror, not only serve as objects where you can view yourself, but also as an object that helps to magnify the space, by giving the feeling that the room is larger. An accent mirror is one of those objects that can help to uplift the style quotient of the room without going overboard. There are various colors and styles when it comes to an accent mirror, and that is exactly what we shall take a look at, in this article.

The Best Accent Mirrors Ideas

The intricate designs and frame shapes make each mirror unique which can be fitted in different parts of a room, to adorn the room in different ways. Let us take a detailed look at these ideas.

  • The Simple Round Accent Mirror

If you have no idea about what an accent mirror is and you search “What is an accent mirror ?”, you will most definitely come across the circular accent mirror design. Well, a circular mirror is the simplest of all accent mirror designs and it can be done with various colors of frames. The most common one is the gold accents mirror, which is quite versatile and can fit a wide range of room styles such as an aesthetically luxurious room as well as a simple minimalistic room.  It can also suit a golden and black room by adding some contrast.

  • The Large, Rectangular, Steel-framed, Accent mirror

When it comes to a mirror accent wall, a large, steel-framed, rectangular mirror can fit in quite well in a large living room without trying too hard and will add a simplistic sophistication to the room, as a whole. This accent wall mirror can go very well with a couch or a sofa next to it. As an added feature, it can give the room the feel of being much larger. Stainless steel is preferred, with a stylish, polished surface.

  • The Antique, Silver, Accent Mirror

A royal touch for your bedroom or living room? Why not? The antique, silver, accent mirror, is something that could add a subtle touch of aristocracy without going over-the-top. It is the best when it comes to a room that has a classic style and a lot of other artistic and antique showpieces. And good news for you, these now come in recycled, eco-friendly material that is absolutely perfect for your living or drawing-room.

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  • The Simplistically Luxurious, Golden Arched Accent Mirror

This arched mirror, with a stylish frame, is quite different from the others in this list in the sense that it does not go up on the wall and can be placed on a table that is in touch with a wall. There a many affordable ones too, which can add style to your living room while being well within the budget. You can also choose to go for frames with various attractive designs which are sure to catch anyone’s eye easily.

  • The Classic, Distressed, White Framed Accent Mirror

Now, this is one of the most common styles when it comes to accent mirrors. This classic-looking mirror is best when it comes it making a room feel vintage, stylish, and sophisticated. The ivory finished frame has intricately carved designs that will uplift the style statement of the room in its entirety. One of the best on this list and worth serious consideration.

  • The Stylish Window Mirror

The stylish window accent mirror will give your room a spacious feeling and is perfect if your room lacks windows. It uses distressed wood, which is perfect for a classically designed room. Quite versatile due to its style.

How Big Accent Mirror For The Entryway Table?

The size of the accent mirror for the entryway table is quite a frequently asked question. Well, the size of the mirror depends on the shape of the mirror and also the size of the table and the showpiece around it or on it. For a foyer table, the height of the mirror should be the same as the table. The height of tables is around 30 to 36 inches high and that should be the height of the mirror as well, though they can be as much as six inches taller. The width should be half to two-thirds of the table. For a foyer table that is 48 inches or longer than that, a square accent mirror will go really well.

When it comes to round mirrors, entryways do not go well with round accent mirrors that are less than 20 inches in measurement. In this case, too, the size of the foyer table dictates the size of the mirror that will go with it.


Therefore, there are numerous styles when it comes to accent mirrors and all of them are suitable for one style of room or the other. All you have to do is pick the right style and design and size and place it properly in your room and you will get the most beautiful room ever!

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