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Brighten up Your Space with Mushroom Lamps!

Taking over all our hearts, the trending delightful mushroom lamps are certainly brightening up both our lives and minds. A mix of 70s style with contemporary glam and also the shape of an adorable fungus, has managed to steal the spotlight of the most popular design.

What might seem like a playful design, actually brings the warmth and woodland vibe to any cozy corner. Illuminate the gloomy corner of your work table or warm up your bedside with the beautiful décor piece. Here are some ideas you can refer to that will surely intrigue you!

What do mushrooms and table lamps have in common?

You might think, why among so many designs, a mushroom shape for table lamps? Well, the answer is very simple. A table lamp isn’t more than a bloated head of a bulb with a thin stem to hold the light above. And as you might have guessed, a mushroom is the exact embodiment of the typical lamp shape.

So, why not implement the cute appearance of a mushroom into lamps and make our table corner look enchanted?

This is exactly why designers had the amazing idea of making mushroom lamps which were soon to become a rising star in home decoration.

Mushroom table lamp

Place the charming little décor anywhere on your table and glow up your personal space with mushroom lamps. Here are some table lamp designs from the Ikea mushroom lamps collection you can choose from.

TOKABO glass opal white table lamp

This lamp in colored glass wherever placed on any table enhances the mood throughout your home. Fits on the smallest of shelves or tables top, the small size of this lamp makes it easy to store anywhere and everywhere.

DEJSA table lamp beige opal white glass

Looking like a tall cute mushroom with a cylindrical base and mushroom-shaped head, this lamp is sure to become your new favorite bedside partner! Get a soft, dim illumination that will make your room comfortable and cozy.

Here are recommended Murano mushroom lamp designs you should look out for!

What is a Murano mushroom lamp?

Image source – Marcette

The Murano lamp is typically named after its origin in Murano, Italy, a small island near Venice. Becoming popular over time, you will find this glass-crafted décor in everyone’s house who want to decorate their personal space in a modern style yet corporate nature in its beauty.

The mushroom light implemented in Murano lamps is customarily on the shorter side with a leaner shape giving it a classy yet warm look. It comes in several vivid colors and patterns making it desirable among the youth.

West elm did table lamp

The brassy chrome acrylic base of this mushroom lamp gives a sleek and cool look to where ever you wish to place it with its industrial look. So, if you prefer metallic over bold colors, this is the perfect choice for you.

Nouri son modern iron mushroom table lamp

Looking for tall patterns that will make a statement on your table? This Panthella-style mushroom lamp with a wide base and shades ranging from shiny silver to matte white is sure to match your style and space!

Alice glass lamp

This all-glass design replicates the classic Murano design of a short and lean structure. With dreamy shades of turquoise or cream, it lights up the room with a soft pastel glow becoming your partner on a relaxing evening. Its short and chubby appearance is too cute to resist!

Mushroom floor lamp

Why limit the endearing mushrooms for our table tops? Why not go big and turn them floor lamp statements? Brighten up the dull corner of your living room by placing a mushroom floor lamp and turning it into the most interesting space in your house.

Here are some features of mushroom floor lamps to take a look at.

  • Functional and aesthetically pleasing, this lamp with garden-fresh hues makes a perfect accent piece in your living room. the translucent top allows the light to sight diffuse into the entire room and give its cozy glow.  
  • The minimalistic design is perfect for optimal use. The structure of the lamp is made as such to avoid glare and create an airy base to bring a nice contemporary accent to any room. Delicate yet sturdy in design gives a clean and sleek look.


Now all that is left for you is to jump on this trend and get your own mushroom lamp. Decorate your room with this cute décor and light up your space and mind.

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