Top 9 Best Velvet Chair Ideas For Your Home


Velvet Chair

A chair is not only a piece of furniture but is also used as decoration in some offices or living rooms. Nowadays, the trend of velvet chairs has increased a lot. These are some popular designs for chairs that make your living room and office room look more sophisticated.

These are nothing but normal chairs covered with a velvet fabric which is renowned for its luxury, elegance, and softness. Here in this article, we have listed the 9 best velvet chairs for you.

Top 9 Velvet Chairs

If you are confused about which velvet chair to buy, you have come to the correct place. The following are the best velvet chairs that you can use to increase the elegance of your room.

Homebase Velvet Occasional Chair

This chair can be a great choice if you want something classic and simple. These velvet office chairs feel extremely luxurious and are available in many color combinations. This occasional chair is the perfect addition for multi-purpose uses. It offers great support and has sophisticated look.


  • The velvet material is quite strong that can endure wear and tear from pets.
  • It has a high load-bearing capacity.


  • Not easy to clean and may result in dust building up.
  • Does not have a proper armrest.

Von Haus Fairfield Pink Velvet Accent Chair

This velvet desk chair has got a sofa-like form and is designed with modern detailing. This gives an aesthetic look to your office room or living room, wherever you place the furniture. This piece is a combination of a vintage look with modern detailing. This bold and beautiful chair is a superb addition to your bedroom, living room, and dressing chair.


  • The quality of the fabric of this pink velvet chair is very good.
  • It has an imported metal frame.


  • It is smaller than the normal chairs.
  • Cannot take up much load.

Dunelm Kendall Velvet Dining Chair

Accent Chair

This model of velvet dining chairs gives you an art decoration touch to your interiors. It has a polished surface that will be giving you a perfect blend of beauty and charm. It comes with soft velvet upholstery and gold-finished legs. This traditional art deco design adds a contemporary touch to your place.


  • The sponge quality is very good.
  • The curve of this chair is wonderful.


  • It does not offer much legroom.
  • The product is not exactly worth its price.

Velvet Living Room Chair

The velvet living room chair is elegant and luxurious. This chair is a bit taller than other normal lobby chairs. This ensures that the person is sitting quite comfortably.


  • It is made up of an imported metal frame.
  • The fabric quality is very good.


  • The fabric may sometimes cause allergies in people with sensitive skin.
  • The chair is not quite strong and has less load capacity.

Habitat Ronda Velvet Chair

This black velvet accent chair is quite plushy which gives a luxury statement to your lounge. It has a metal and wooden frame along with foam cushions and velvet covering. This is a comfy and all-rounder product that has foam filled seat pad and a supportive curved backrest. You can wipe or vacuum it for cleaning.


  • This chair is very comfortable and snugly.
  • The velvet fabric of this also comes as a green velvet chair.


  • The load capacity of this chair is not that good.
  • This model of the chair is a bit expensive.

Dwell Dip Lounge Chair

This chair model is a simple and affordable chair that is of small form and slightly curved armrests. It stands on four wooden legs and has coil foam on its cushion. This a perfect dining table chair option that comes with a lean back in the design.


  • It is very comfortable due to the present high-quality springs.
  • It has got proper armrests to make it cozier.


  • The fabric is not pure velvet as it is a blend of polyester and velvet.
  • The wooden legs sometimes are not as strong as the metal ones.

Beatrice Matte Velvet Armchair

This elegant-looking black velvet chair acts as a finishing touch to your living room. The frame is crafted from tropical hardwood, and the tapered legs are made from acacia wood. It is made of 100% recycled velvet fabric. This vintage piece comes with a stylish pleated armchair to provide you with luxurious support.


  • It does not take up much space.
  • Quite comfortable as it has got springs and foam on its cushion.


  • The arms and cushion are actually not that great.
  • Cannot be used in official environments.

Aldi Navi Velvet Sheet Accent Chair

This blue velvet chair is more of a contemporary chair that is extremely well made with a dried and solid wooden frame. This chair has electroplated golden legs which are sturdy and provides you with a strong base. This stunning shell-shaped chair comes with a generously proportioned foam-filled seat and webbing.


  • Velvet upholstery is strong and soft.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • It is quite expensive than most other chairs.
  • The stainless steel legs are prone to damage.

Bella Grey Velvet Armchair

Adding this velvet swivel chair to your living room provides wonderful benefits. If you are looking for something more traditional, this is the perfect one for you. This velvet chair has comfortable velvet upholstery, a beautiful countered back, and an ample foam padding seat. It does not require assembling.


  • Strong load-bearing capacity.
  • Gold finished base.


  • Gets dirty very easily.

How to Clean a Velvet Chair?

The only way to keep your velvet armchair fabric clean is to steam it regularly. This will help you to keep all the compressions away from the fabric. Just steam the fabric with your steamer or with the help of the steam setting on your iron and your velvet chair will be good to be presented.


Thus we have listed the best 9 velvet accent chairs which not only are comfortable but are also quite affordable. They are built with utmost care keeping in mind the trends that a customer usually searches for.

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