7 Affordable Home Decor That Looks Expensive


Affordable Home Decor

You have surely heard about the quote, “quality over quantity” right? This is exactly what this article is all about. Here you will get to know about some of the best cheaps yet lavish-looking home decor ideas that can instantly turn your home into a luxury space. If you want to give your house a touch of richness and class, you don’t need need to spend a pocket of fortune. You can effortlessly style up your home following the 7 affordable home decor ideas mentioned in this article.

Top 7 expensive-looking home decor ideas

1. PULEE Modern Globe Pendant Light

The journey to a greatly stylish and elegant home starts with great lighting. Are you ready to induce some cozy and warm vibes to your room? Then, this is the ideal light to pick. Decorating your room with gold pendant lights will instantly give your room a dreamy and lavish touch altogether making it look incredibly gorgeous. You can try out this cheap yet expensive-looking home decoration idea to make your room look great!

2. Ball & Cast Tufted Velvet Upholstered Headboard, Cream

Why would you keep things basic when you can add a touch of style to everything? This ‘everything’ includes even your bed. Yes, you heard it right! Ditch the basic bedframes and get yourself a budget-friendly and super-elegant velvet bedframe for your bed. As simple as it may sound, a proper headboard can change the entire look of your room. Imagine replacing your ordinary bed frame with a beautiful and sophisticated velvet cream bed frame! You can use this home decor idea for your bedroom and other rooms comprising beds.

3. Sauder Lux Coffee Table Round

A coffee table is a must for every beautiful and sophisticated household. Without a coffee table, your house would look like a cake without the cherry on top. You can keep things simple yet classy with this gold end table. Don’t crowd the table with a lot of stuff. Keep things simple. Maybe keep a few books or some gold candle stick holders to give an aesthetic touch to the room. A sleek and stylish flower vase on top of the table would look great too! Pair up some gorgeous green accent chair with this coffee table to make your home look incredibly elegant.

4. Overarching Linen Shade Floor Lamp West Elm

Floor lamps are undoubtedly super sophisticated and lovely to see. You can get the west elm floor lamp to make your room look simply great! You can make your living room and dining space look captivating by placing a beautiful overarching floor lamp in the corner of your rooms. Don’t worry about the budget as west elm floor lamps are available at affordable prices. The side table west elm would go perfectly with the floor lamps. So, the next time you have guests coming over, your floor lamp from West Elm is sure to impress them incredibly.

5. Loloi II Skye Collection Traditional 5′-0″ x 7′-6″ Area Rug

It is a sin to speak of home decor ideas without including the context of rugs. Pick this beautiful blush area rug for your home. If you are looking forward to styling the floors of your kitchen space with a beautiful rug then you can try on the gold rug from Loloi. Else, a keep-off rug would be great for the floors of your reading room or living area space. Modern abstract rugs are in great demand too! However, before you set up your rug make sure to take proper measurements of your room. Usually the area rug 7 x 10 is the most common size of rug used for home decoration purposes.

6. HARRITPURE 26″ x 38″ Arch Mirror

What is better than styling your room with a stunningly beautiful mirror? Some people might find a full-length mirror with lights stylish but, affording it can be a bit tough on the pocket. So, instead of a full-length gold mirror, you can introduce a mid-length gold arch mirror into your room. Also, this can lessen the space occupation making things more convenient for you to style. The mid-length black arch mirror and the round gold mirror are great for indoor home decor too.

7. LaVie Home 8×10 Picture Frames

How can an article about home decoration ideas be ever complete without covering some exquisite photo frames? What is a better way to capture and display the golden memories of your life with wallet-size picture frames? The picture frame 5 x 5 from LaVie is the perfect choice to go for. Decorate the walls of your house with multiple attractive photo frames and turn your house walls into a hub of beautiful memories.

Are you aware of the ongoing home decor trends?

These days, low-level lighting with minimalistic design is ruling the sphere of home decoration. Also, coral prints are currently in trend. You can style the walls of your house with eye-catching and vibrant coral-colored hues. Besides this, leather products can instantly rejuvenate your home decoration. Try introducing some brown leather chairs in the living room to make things look classier. Also, you can switch to a gorgeous leather headboard for your bed. Some elegant and aesthetic fairy lights paired with a beautiful vintage gold mirror are in great demand too. You can also experiment and play a little with the color coding such as pairing up your grey upholstery bed with a grey headboard. Similarly, you can match the color coding of every piece of furniture in the room.

Closing notes

So, these were some of the most spectacular cheap yet expensive-looking home decor ideas for you to implement in your home. Now you don’t have to worry about the budget anymore. You can now enjoy the scenic luxury of expensive-looking homes without spending a hefty amount. Don’t waste a second more! Go and deck your house up gorgeously taking reference from this article.

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