10 Kitchen Storage Ideas


Kitchen Storage

As soon as thoughts like “what to do so that it is not so boring to live” appear in your head, you should immediately think about changing your environment. But do not think about moving — small changes in your housing will be more than enough. Call kitchen remodelers to your home and read this article to make your kitchen shine in a new way.


A very convenient and ergonomic idea for organizing a kitchen space is a pegboard or, in other words, a perforated stand. In fact, on a small section of the wall, you can install a panel that, if desired, can be rearranged around the kitchen. It will vertically accommodate dishes in any sequence. In this way, you can combine tools as desired, significantly saving space in kitchen cabinets. Here, you can store almost everything — frying pans, ladles, cutlery, and much more. The main advantage of this method is the variety of options.


If you do not want to use the pegboard, use the hooks. The functionality of the kitchen can be easily increased with the help of wall organizers. Today, many different modules, hooks, and kitchen rails with special jars for spices are produced. In addition, do not forget about hanging mesh baskets where it is convenient to store not only cups but also vegetables and fruits.


Convenient storage containers are the key to a neat and comfortable kitchen. Do not store cereals, flour, sugar, etc. in commercial bags: they tear, deform, crumble, and cause real chaos in the closet. Put them in jars or tin boxes. Choose the same or, conversely, each unique jar for spices, teas, coffee, and cocoa. For bulk products, a rectangular container will be the most convenient: this way, they will line up as compactly as possible.


Stickers with handwritten inscriptions will help visually decorate the kitchen and add coziness. For example, label the lids of jars in which you store cereals and grains or small jars of spices.

Drawer Dividers

Use drawer dividers to make them more functional. Now, it will be much easier to maintain order.


Magnets can help with convenient open storage. Long magnetic strips for storing knives and teaspoons, separate magnets for single storage, such as a ladle, etc. A few magnets can be glued to a refrigerator or wall, and small spice jars with metal lids can be hung from them.

Spinning Shelving

Remember how convenient it is to view postcards or small souvenirs on turntables in the store. Add some mobile shelving to one of the cabinets, and all the spice jars and containers will always be at hand.

Vertical Space

Just remember that narrow vertical shelves, pull-out drawers, and cabinets can hold a lot.

Under the Ceiling

At the very top of the kitchen set, you need to place beautiful boxes and put in them what you rarely use.

Under the Sink

Install a drawer under the sink for detergents, household gloves, sponges, and other non-food kitchen utensils.

Spectacular Decor

Dishes can be stored not only in closed cabinets but also on open shelves. Let your favorite service become an original kitchen decor!

Use any free space in the kitchen but do not forget about safety: movement around the room should be free, and neither hands nor clothes should cling to installed shelves or hooks.

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