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5 Super Useful Frying Pans Must Need In Your Kitchen

If you are a new and inexperienced cook, frying is the most used technique for fast and easy cooking. How about getting yourself a new frying pan? But when you went to the store, you came across many types, and now you need clarification about which one you should get.

Then, before you make a purchase or decide what you will buy, you should know about the best pans for cooking available in the market and then conclude your decision about which one you need.

Frying pans usually have long handles with sloped and broad edges. It is usually used to sauté, toss vegetables at probably less oil, make pasta sauce, and other uses.

Only some of the frying pans that you see are the same. It is important to know which food requires which particular pan. Though you can use any pan for the mere purpose of frying, It is necessary to know what food can be made the best with which pan.

There are a number of types of frying pans, including ceramic coated, non-stick, stainless steel cast iron, and many more.

If you are not well accustomed to all these different types of best pans for cooking and their users, this article is the ideal choice. We will be talking about five main types of frying pans that are available to you.

5 Types Of Best Pans For Cooking That You Need To Have In Your Kitchen

Certain food items require a particular type of pan to be cooked well. The ultimate result of your food depends upon which pan you have used to cook it. Thus let’s get into the topic directly and know more about the types.

1. Stainless Steel Frying Pan

The first one in the list of best pans, the stainless steel frying pans are the best for any food that requires searing, frying, or browning. It is a good choice for food that begins on the stovetop and then moves to the oven for the finishing touch, as these are ovenproof, making them the best pan for frying!

Stainless steel pans are light in weight but are more durable than you think them to be. They last for years. Since stainless steel is not that good of a conductor of heat, some pans use aluminum between two layers of stainless steel.

Such pans are a little heavier than the single-layered ones, but the food cooked in them is heavenly. Also, its non-corrosive nature does not let food stick to its base. You can also use your stainless steel frying pan on your induction cooker as they are capable of induction cooking as well.

2. Non-Stick Frying Pan

It is regarded as one of the best pans for cooking fish, fried or scrambled eggs, pancakes, or cheese which might cause stickiness to any typical regular pan. But as the name suggests, due to its non-sticky quality, non-stick frying pans are easy to use, and you can slide the food from the pan to your plate effortlessly.

In the case of non-stick pans, an interior coating is responsible for preventing the food you are cooking from getting stuck to its base, making it one of the best pans for cooking. The food that requires almost no or very little oil and lower medium heat is best prepared in a non-stick frying pan.

best pans for cooking fish

These are super light in weight and absorb heat very fast. Since these pans are made in such a way that they are best for low temperatures, they should never be used for high-temperature cooking.

Also, when using a stainless non-stick frying pan, it is best suggested that you use plastic or silicon utensils because there is a high risk of getting scratched by metallic utensils.

3. Cast Iron Frying Pans

The best pan for cooking food items like steaks or burgers or practically anything that requires searing, cast iron pans are preferred the most. Roasted meat, pizza, baked cornbread, shepherd’s pie, and many more items can be cooked really well in the cast iron frying pan.

They are great preferences for deep frying chickens and other food that require a huge amount of heat because of their heat-restraining quality and the capability to maintain the oil at a constant temperature.

They are not only thick and heavy but very versatile. One of the most advantageous benefits of cast iron pans is that they heat slowly compared to other aluminum and steel pans.

They distribute the heat equally in all parts and can stand high-temperature conditions. Cast iron frying pans are divided into two types – bare and coated cast iron pans.

4. Ceramic Frying Pans

The ceramic frying pan is also a non-stick type, but the only difference they share with non-stick is that ceramic pans are coated with silica gel made out of ceramic stone or sand, and non-stick pans are coated with some chemical items.

Ceramic frying pans are easy to clean and can be put to use for versatile types of cooking. They are quite non-reactive, and thus the chances of getting damaged are less. However, parallel to being lightweight, they cannot be used under high heat conditions.

Also, metallic utensils should be avoided as much as possible because they are avoided in terms of non-stick frying pans, as they share some similarities with non-stick ones. They can only be used on the stovetop.

5. Copper Frying Pans

The last type is copper frying pans. As known to all, copper is a very good conductor of heat, and thus copper frying pans are great for quick heat-ups, but the downside is that they lose the heat and cool down at that fast speed.

However, this is a benefit as it acts as magic for the food to prevent it from burning. Due to the continuous hotness of the pan, immediately after the heat source is turned off, the heat decreases.

Four hundred fifty degrees is the maximum; anything above it is a NO for the copper frying pans. They are exactly opposite to cast iron frying pans. However, if you are thinking or planning to buy only one frying pan, it is suggested that you opt for the best cooking pan, the stainless steel frying pan.


We know that everyone loves fried food, and fried food is excellent. But food tastes even better when you cook it by choosing the right type of pan for cooking. Elevate your collection gradually so you can explore many different types of food in the finest possible ways. With your increasing skills, increase your versatile pan collection and enjoy cooking!

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