8 Wonderful Large Wall Art Ideas For Your Interior


Large Wall Art

We all know that furniture is an essential and functional thing that makes a space comfortable and elegant. Just like that, wall art is also an important decorative element. Don’t you too agree with that? If you can place the perfect elements of large wall art in the right place, then you can easily add some personality to your house.

The blank walls in your house look very vague and thus they need to be decorated. Whether you have some affection for a classic wall gallery or are searching for something which is a bit off-the-wall, this is the perfect place for you. So, if the word HOW comes to your mind, give this article a thorough read to know the unique ideas on a large art canvas.

Best Large Wall Art Ideas  

Decorating the large blank walls of your house with some large wall art is very important. Add them and you will find that you have transformed an ordinary house into a magnificent one and enhanced the appearance of your house. Here in this article, we have got you some long wall art ideas for adorning your large blank walls.

1. Use shelves for decorating the wall

If you are running out of floor space to keep your books, you can show them off on your walls just by building a few wooden shelves. A good idea, isn’t it?

You can install a floating bookshelf which will lend an interesting character to the blank walls. Then, just stack up the books on these shelves to transform the looks of the wall.

This idea of showing off your collection of books also makes your home look cultured to any stranger who is visiting your home.

2. Add some potted plant

Instead of some other panel canvas wall art,you can also decorate your large walls by bringing some greenery into the space. This will provide your space with a boost of fresh oxygen. You can decorate the walls by mounting some small potted plants on the large wall. There are many pre-made wall-mounted planters available from retailers. If you do not wish to purchase them, you can easily make them at home by installing small floating shelves on the walls and then placing the plant on top of them. Also, who doesn’t love a little home garden?

3. Create a splendid gallery

If you are willing to give your living room walls an eccentric look, you can transform them into an art gallery then. Feature a collection of artwork on the walls of your living room and give the walls an eclectic look. Just take out those framed posters or photographs, add large wall paintings, or large canvas paintings wall hanging and give them a new life on the walls of your living room. If you want them to look more expansive, you can cover the entire wall with these artworks. This idea is perfect for providing continuity to your wall.

4. Board and Batten

The name – Board and Batten may sound like fancy stuff but it is not the case. It is just the art of attaching some strips of wood to the wall in an interesting pattern. If you wish to add this wonderful large wall art to your house, you can buy the woods or MDF strips from the hardware shop, attach them with the carpenter nails or wood glue, and paint it in a bold and dramatic color to get a splendid look. The finish that you will get from this DIY wall art for large walls, will have an expensive look but will be well within your budget if you are looking for something cost-effective.

5. Add in some headboards

Art is basically fun but is also functional at the same time when it comes to panel wall art. Using oversized art is also a good choice instead of using the same old traditional headboard. This is a type of multi-panel wall art. While you are choosing the headboard, do not forget to make sure that the width of the piece is at least equal to the width of the bed. After that, hang the art in such a manner so that the bottom of the art is right behind or exactly at the top of the pillows on your bed. This big wall decor idea will help you to frame up the room and allows you to design the room in your own way.

6. Maps are also a good decor option

As an option for large wall art, you can add a textured world map on the walls of your living room. This will showcase your passion for traveling and gives a wonderful texture to those plain walls. Always paint the map in black (or any darker shade) or any contrasting shade of color to make it look more elegant. This will bring some freshness into your room and will add some perfection to your walls. Also, it will also help you to make your bucket list for traveling.

7. Wallpaper with some dramatic art

The wallpapers that we are going to discuss today are not the granny’s pinkish daisy printed wallpapers. You can choose any type of wallpaper as a large wall art among the two types. Either you can go with the traditional way of real wallpaper using glue and all or you can choose the temporary peel and stick wallpaper. There are a variety of stylish prints and patterns along with elegant colors. Use these extra large wall art on a large single wall. Also, if you are not satisfied with the wallpaper only, you can try adding some large-scale wall art that is of the same color family.

8. Use the washi tape feature

If you are scared of installing large art prints for walls or any other kind of giant wall art, then you can go with the washi tape idea. This will give you the same effect as that of the normal wallpaper. This washi tape can easily be found in any craft store and they come with a lot of color choices. This allows you to choose the proper hue for your wall decoration. The washi tape can be cut and arranged in any pattern that you choose.

You can try with small crosses or mountain peaks as they would look wonderful.


As you can see, there are many choices of large wall art for you to choose the perfect wall idea for your house. Applying these large art ideas is not a big deal. They are very easy to install and require no rocket science. Thus, implement these ideas and give your house a wonderful look.

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