A Complete Guide to Farmhouse Wall Décor

Decorating our farmhouse into the retreat of our dreams is probably the most enjoyable part of creating this place of our dreams. When everything else has been taken care of and only the final touches are left, it is understandable that one would want to give all the attention to the corners, windows, and especially the walls of this magical haven.

In this article, we bring to you nine unique ways to upgrade your farmhouse wall decor game to the next level.

9 great ways to accentuate every wall in your farmhouse

Modern farmhouse wall decor has to meet a lot of criteria. Competition is fabulous and expectations are high, especially when you are decorating for commercial tourists. But thankfully, DIY farmhouse wall decor can make the process inexpensive and fun.

Farmhouse wall decor for the lobby

Your lobbies need your love. They are the few places where eyes meet walls the most, not the least of all because of their general emptiness and quietness.

Dried flower artwork

Dried flowers are a great, cost-effective way to decorate any place. They act as a 3D mural and are often painted in metallic gold and silver, making them your perfect DIY metal farmhouse artwork. If you want to be a little extra, you can easily add a simple glass-covered frame over your glistening artwork of dried flowers. Lobbies will slay the first impression with this creative idea

A medley of quotes

Positive, motivational quotes adorning any lobby can make the walk not only pleasant but also thoughtful. Walks are often meant to be reflective, especially during staycations. Motivational quotes can elevate anyone’s mood and even result in added productivity. And there you have it – your personal Etsy farmhouse decor!

Expensive centerpiece artwork

wall decor

Alternatively, if you wish to present to the world your expensive and eclectic taste of farmhouse style wall decor in the field of visual art, and steer eyes towards your affluent lifestyle then, a centerpiece artwork is the best way to do it. This expensive artwork can be taken from a vintage collection or it can be a modern piece representing important social-political ideas that reflect your own values and mindset towards life.

Farmhouse wall decor for the study

Studies and libraries are a great place to show the depth and breadth of your collection to other inhabitants. Since the place of study is often a room used for long periods of concentration, decorating them subtly and energetically is key to the user’s satisfaction.

Wall bookcases

Wall bookcases can often be seen these days on top of study tables, coffee tables, and in quaintly furnished cafes. These wall bookcases are built onto the wall themselves. Some are sturdy enough to hold a heavy collection of books while the others are nearly for a display of showpieces and plants. At times the owner would choose to color code the books and showpieces presented in these bookcases to add to their rustic charm.

Hanging flower pots

This is an eco-friendly DIY farmhouse wall decor idea. You can make a hanging flower pot from almost anything, from old buckets to used plastic water bottles. These reusable decor items can be cleaned, painted, and covered in nutritious soil from which ornamental indoor plants can be grown. These ornamental plants favorably affect the natural lighting of a study or library.

Botanical shelving display

A shelving display is an artistic hack of adding something to the monotonous array of shelves that hold our books, showpieces, pens, clothes, and even ceramic. This shelving display can be achieved by painting an astounding canvas on the walls upon which the shelves are put. These shells have no backs; you can directly see the artwork of leaves and foliage on the back through the glass doors.

Farmhouse wall decor for the veranda

Everybody who enjoys a stay at the farmhouse inevitably rejoices in the cool air of their own courtyard. These verandas have become for a long time now a great source of calm and peace, almost a part of the daily morning and evening routines of a large number of people.

Rustic brick wall

Brick walls are a staple for the world decor of verandas. A rustic brick wall almost looks like it was weathered by many long, harsh years. This works very well with the rustic benches and swings that are often a part of these veranda furnishings. Cool breezes and windy rains look beautiful in the arms of the ancient farmhouse décor bricked enclosure.

Wood panels

A staple in rustic farmhouse decor ideas, wood panels also fairly compliment the drowsy heaven of the quiet hours spent so close to nature. Rustic wooden benches and bamboo side tables completely make this place look a lot more than it actually is. Wood panels are also widely preferred as wall decor in other parts of the house including kitchens and bathrooms.


Hanging a gorgeous Bohemian tapestry over the open top of a veranda is a personal favorite for a lot of people. On sunny days this little edition drastically improves the beauty of the little crowd of family members gathered underneath. Although, it is equal to that on rainy days someone almost always has to run up to take this beautiful piece of fabric down! And yet, an incomparable idea, one must agree.


Be it small or large farmhouse wall decor almost every detail is crucial to the development of your dream vacation house. Visitors notice nothing more than the careful balance between craft and clutter, and this is what separates your unique place from all the rest.

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