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8 Wonderful Wall Art for Living Room – Ideas that will Brighten up Your Space

A living room interior will forever be incomplete without the correct choice of wall decor.

Wall decor for the living room can take many forms, and if you are someone who has really a lot of fun decorating your living room you can even go for more than just one kind of wall decor, depending on the interior style and living room space you are working with.

In this article, we will introduce our 8 personal bests in the world of artwork for living rooms.

Wall art for living room ideas

Wall art for the living room can include a number of different things. Depending on your creative ability, you can even create a montage of reusable household items or unique murals that are personally created by you or a professional artist for living room wall canvas.

Broadly divided, however, living room wall art includes paintings for living room walls, pictures for living room walls, wall hangings for the living room, large canvas wall art for the living room, etc.

The list down below includes one or more living room wall art décor ideas from each of these niches.

1. Abstract paintings

For all those who want to go for wall art for the living room singular that claims the viewer’s whole attention for itself and acts as a central piece of the whole decor, an abstract painting is the best bet for art for living room walls.

Abstract paintings represent strong yet deep-meaning viewpoints about the world and can get you thinking daily.

Moreover, if you belong to a group of people who consider developing artistic taste a unique aspect of life, incorporating a good piece of living room art with multiple meaningful interpretations from an underrated artist is a responsible and at the same time commendable act of artistic joy.

Abstract paintings also have their own luxury variants. But there are no limits to the options of cheap wall art decor for living rooms in the case of abstract creations.

2. Floral prints

Wall art decor for living rooms often works with symmetry and references of color schemes throughout itself to bring about a certain put-together look. And that elevates the whole interior of your living room wall to the next level.

Your room can easily achieve this with living room canvas prints of various symmetrical creations, the most optimistic, joyful, and homely of these being the floral prints.

If you are not a fan of very large wall art for the living room you can buy these prints in small, dainty little variations as well.

Floral prints exist in almost all color schemes and combinations think able, so they will bring out the hidden use of your room and make it look like it was decorated with great professional expertise.

Your floral prints can be made by your favorite artist, and they can be a depiction of flowers that hold a special meaning for you. Multiple of these can even be separately brought and hung side by side, especially when you have a very colorful and cluttered interior style.

3. A giant tree

A prehistoric tree with many branches and million little leaves looking down at you has great symbolic meaning in almost every culture of the world and continues to be a huge part of artists’ inspirations, be they of western origin or ethnicity. And this could be a great addition to your living room art décor.

Image source: PicClick

Wall art in the living room which includes trees in them can bring about a feeling of protection, wisdom, naturalism, and sustainable living among the family members. Trees are an embodiment of hidden dreams and peaceful slumber.

Similar creations of trees can be obtained in embroidery, woodwork, and other popular wall decor living room options.

Prehistoric trees can also be depicted as a part of the forest since forests are always a great option for interior wall art in the living room.

A single joint tree often has a place in tribal, Hindu, Buddhist, and biblical legends. Large beautiful trees are known to herbal spiritual beings who make a home in them and help humans with their abilities.

4. Night sky

When we are talking about the night sky we are talking of everything that this universe withholds in its hidden realms.

It includes a peaceful night sky full of stars that you no longer see in urban areas, fantastic stars about to collapse, a sky full of colorful stardust and special constellations that have great astrological and zodiac meaning.

This unique wall art for the living room is very affordable and goes well with interiors that value spiritual living and chaotic art forms as a way of life.

The night sky popularly also incorporates the moon in different stages of its cycle, and this is one living room wall décor that even poets and dreamers will appreciate.

Different phases of the moon have different symbolic meanings, and some cultures believe the moon to be a gentle, blessing presence. And this dreamy heaven of living room artwork is perfect for your children.

5. Black and white picture gallery

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to black and white picture galleries. They are super easy to make, and can often even act as separate framed pictures for the living room wall and then come together to create a masterpiece collaboration.

You can create this framed wall art for the living room out of your family’s fondest memories or important life events. Or you can create a mouth of your own and your family’s shared interest in different areas like music, history, politics, and famous people you all adore.

You can even include rare posters, stamps, and other collectibles and flaunt them as a part of your personality. If something interests you, it deserves a place near the first entrance. So give these wall pictures for the living room a try and you won’t regret it.

6. Ethnic craftwork

What could be better than ethnic wall paintings for the living room? Ethnic craft work can celebrate your family origins and at the same time your family’s ethnic diversity. It can also support ethnic artists living nearby who are still in the process of making a name in the industry.

As a nation, you can include large artwork in the living room of ethnic communities who have had a troubled socio-political past as a part of your nation even if you do not identify with that background.

One thing to keep in mind while purchasing ethnic canvas wall art for the living room is to know what can be depicted by you and what can’t. Choose paintings that celebrate and discuss important topics without it looking like an inappropriate indulgence.

Alternatively, you can choose ethnic craft work as wall hangings and wall shelf canvas wall decor for the living room.

7. Rural sceneries

Collectively as the urban portion of humanity on this date, we have come far away from our rural ancestry. And yet the peaceful rural life is attractive to many, not to mention how increasingly scenic and aesthetic their representations by creative artists can be.

Choose a wall art for the living room that depicts rural life in sparsely populated, closer to nature backgrounds like mountains, marshes, forests, and deserts.

Rural scenery has been taken up as a topic by artists and often also shows a sharp contrast with urban consumerism, which is a good idea to incorporate into your daily living.

The peaceful feeling that one gets while looking at these living room wall paintings is a good way of keeping your home quiet and beautiful.

8. Monochrome wall art

Just like floral prints, monochrome wall art for your living room wall prints is designed in such a way that it can complement and rejuvenate your interior style with its simple presence.

Monochrome wall art uses different shades and tones of one color to create realistic or abstract paintings. These include white, greys, and neutrals for dark interiors and interiors of neutral shades. But they are not limited to that, since this art can easily be found in fiery reds, oranges, greens, and blues.

Metallic tones are also used for monochrome wall art. All themes are depicted using this technique, hence you will always have endless choices.


Wall art for the living room can be given form by mixing and matching the above ideas with each other. Do not forget to include special lighting and careful complementation using the surrounding furnishing and table decorations which will accentuate your living room canvas wall art even more.

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