The Difference Between Day Lily and Tiger Lily

Both day lily and tiger lily are incredibly fascinating flowers and are exclusively captivating to the eyes. However, most people think these two varieties of flowers to be more or less similar. This is not the case though. These two plants are poles apart from each other in terms of appearance, growth, flowering, roots, etc. Come, and know about the difference between the daily lilies and tiger lilies in detail.

Do you know what are daylilies?

Before we get into the difference, you need to get a brief detail about the day lily plants and their origin. The daylilies fall in the species of Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus and are actually from Asia. Have you ever seen a day lily in real? These plants bear incredibly gorgeous flowers having an extraordinary charm to them. If you still haven’t seen this flower, check out for day lily images online.

Do you know what are tiger lilies?

Tiger lilies or Lilium lancifolium are beautiful flowers originating from Asia. This Asian species of lily looks incredibly breathtaking and elegant. The vibrant orange hue decorated with drops of black color gives this flower an extraordinary glow. These flowers are so beautiful and captivating to the eyes that it is mandatory to witness these flowers once in a lifetime. However, for now, look up tiger lily images online and give your eyes a visual treat of elegance.

Points of difference between day lily and tiger lily

Difference in growth

Both day lily and tiger lily have different growth forms. Have a look at the below-written information to know more about it

  • Daylily– The maximum height up to which daylilies can grow is 5 feet. The minimum height for a day lily plant can never stoop down below 8 inches. Daylilies usually grow in clumps and the flower stalks arising from them can grow up to a height of 12 to 36 inches.
  • Tigerlily– On the other hand, the minimum height for a tiger lily plant is 3 feet. Tiger lily usually grows up to a height of 5 feet and sometimes this height measurement can vary. Tiger lily may have multiple stems based on its age. If the plant is new, you will only witness a single stem.

The difference in leaf shape

The leaf shape of both the plants differs from each other. How? Keep reading to learn more.

  • Daylily– The leaves of the day lily plant vary from light green to dark green color and appear like a clump of grass. Check out a day lily image to know more precisely.
  • Tigerlily– The leaves of the tiger lily plant arise horizontally from the steam and are elongated dark green leaves that are lance-shaped.

Difference in flowers

There’s a lot of difference in the appearance of day lily plants and tiger lily flowers. Check out the difference now!

  • Daylily– The flowers of daylily plants always face upwards and have the shape of an open trumpet. The petals of the day lily flowers vary in various patterns. Some are flared, some are ruffled, some are rugged, some are star-shaped, etc. These flowers are available in multiple beautiful hues such as pink, yellow, melon, red, etc. Go through pictures of daylilies on the web and witness those mesmerizing and vibrant flowers on your own.
  • Tigerlily– While the flowers of day lily plants faced upwards, the tiger lilies face downwards. Though tiger lilies bloom in numerous attractive colors, the orange tiger lilies with black sprinkles are the most common ones. Besides this, the pink tiger lily is very beautiful too. The sweet and delicate pink hue mixed with the existing charm of the flower makes it incredibly majestic. Sometimes you might even see a purple tiger lily flower.

The difference in growing periods

day lily and tiger lily both have different growing periods. Have a look at the below-written information to learn more.

  • Daylily– Hemerocallis spp. or daylilies require approximately 2 years to bloom fully. These flowers start to bloom from the spring season and continue blooming up till the end of summer or the arrival of winter.
  • Tigerlily– Once you plant your tiger lily plant, you can expect the buds to bloom fully after a time of at least 120 days. These flowers bloom in the summer months.

Difference in roots

Not only in shape, size, flowers, and, growing periods, day lily and tiger lily plants also differ in the appearance of their roots

  • Daylily– The roots of the daylily plants are usually fibrous and fleshy. Some roots can also be slender, or tuberous. You can take reference from day lily images of their roots to understand everything more precisely.
  • Tigerlily– The roots of the Tigerlily plants arise from below the rounded bulbs of the plant. Their roots are mostly fibrous and thick.

Closing notes

These were some of the major differences between day lily and tiger lily plants. Once these plants mature and bear full blooming flowers, it becomes a fascinating sight to watch. If you want to plant any of these or both of these plants in your garden, make sure you expose them to plenty of sunshine and take good care of them.

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