Sophisticated Square Coffee Tables Ideas For Living Room

Are you a coffee lover? Then in your daily life coffee plays a significant role and what kind of coffee you are having much time decides your day.

Also if you are having a guest over then a classic coffee table will make a significant look around your living room.

So choosing the perfect coffee table to enjoy your snacks and beverages, is very important. Aesthetically, we like to balance square thing shapes in our space that’s why most of our household things are square-shaped. if you have a sofa set or a chair set in your balcony or in your living room then a square coffee table brings another level of brightness to your space.

Types of Shapes and How to Choose

Choosing the perfect type of coffee table is very much depends on your space and your need. With regarding your space and your need there are various types of square coffee tables as followed.

Large Square Coffee Table

If you have a large sectional area or good large seating configurations such as a large sofa or a large sofa cum bed then this type of table is the best suitable option for you. Large square coffee tables also can be used with a couch.

Generally, you should maintain a 14-16 inch gap between your sofa and your coffee table. And your coffee table should be two-thirds of your sofa this brings balance and comfort to your space.

Square Coffee Table with Storage

Important factors which we usually look after in a square coffee table, storage is the key factor in it. A table with storage brings various types of help and beautification in a room such as a table with vacant space brings the opportunity to put a flower pot in the middle of it, insides we can keep old newspapers, magazines.

In its drawers, we can keep our important devices and many other belongings to keep it handy.

Square Wood Coffee Table

If you want innovative design, cost and resource efficiency, and a material that you want to last forever then the square wood coffee table is an easy pick for you. It brings a very bright and fresh feeling to your space.

It’s also a renewable material and has a positive impact on physical and mental health.

Square Glass Coffee Table

If you are a person of creativity and very light in the mood then a coffee table made by the glass is your go-to option. When we have come along a lot of time so does our fashion sense changed in its own way. Now, glass items are very common in households. It reflects a light environment and makes a room look bigger.

Glass goes along with a granite base and also with a wooden base. With the help of science, we have managed to create heat-strengthened glass which provides extra compatibility in furniture. A.nd the processing has also become advanced to make it safer.

Square Farmhouse Coffee Table

A square farmhouse coffee table with a vase of flowers on top of it provides an outstanding balance In the theme. This goes pretty well with the couch sets or long sofa cum beds.

Square farmhouse coffee tables bring a lot of space with them so keeping things handy in the living room or space is very manageable with it.

Square Marble Coffee Table

Want to make your square coffee table more antique and luxurious? Then you should go for a table with marble made of quartz or soapstone on top of it. Marble won’t date.  So it’s last long. It’s a go-to thing if you have a good budget for your coffee table cause it brings a royalty décor in your space.

Marble always brings a lot of spiritual glamour in furniture and quartz in marble reflects the light which makes it look more attractive and an easy to pick option for interior decorators.

Modern Square Coffee Table

To change the mood or to adjust the space, we may change the adjustments of our household’s things many times. Modern square tables provide a good space to put feet and to keep magazines on them.

With different shapes and different styles and colors, it provides a good theme in your room and an easy-to-go item. Nowadays wood square coffee tables are made in a modern way to get fit in different house space combinations.

Rustic Square Coffee Table

If you don’t want to get confused about these various types of square coffee tables then you can blindly trust rustic square coffee tables. These tables are very simple and beautiful. Its beauty is hidden in its simplicity.

You can define your nature with this table. A morning with a coffee mug in your hand on a rustic square coffee table can fix your stress and your mental health.

Square Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

A square coffee table is enough to lift the decor of your space. And with that, if you go for a leather ottoman then what can be more amazing than this? For sure the answer is a leather ottoman with a bottom shape.

Leather ottoman brings another level of quality and comfort which is unimaginable. if money is not a problem for you and if you don’t want to compromise a single quality on your coffee table then you definitely go for it.

So, now choose the perfect square coffee table for your space based on your need and your theme. Good luck!

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