Review of Norwex Mop- How to Use, Guide, House Cleaning, Warning

Tired of buying mops every 6 months? Don’t have a place to keep wet mops after use? Well, let me introduce you to the revolutionary Norwex mop.  Easy to use and store anywhere and anyhow with an effortless detachable system. You just have to attach the mop and it will become ready to use!

Features of Norwex Mop

  • ‌The Norwexaluminum mop base has a very easy removable system that allows you to separate the parts and keep them in a limited space without problems.
  • ‌Easily converts into a mop handle with just the flick of a finger. Has a very easy locking mechanism to hold the base firm and prevent the mop from getting loose. You can comfortably do your job and hand the separated part away later.
  • The Norwex mop system is not only suitable for floors but also for windows. You don’t have to buy a different set of cleaning products for your windows.
  • ‌Dry mop pads are perfect for large flooring areas, especially where children or pets are present. Made of non-toxic polymer which makes it safe to use around babies.
  • ‌Since it is made of 100% polyester it holds a static charge and picks up the tiniest specks of dust dirt and hair.
  • ‌Also has an antibacterial feature that is made of microfiber ideal for washing floors and walls.
  • ‌Alternate manually between dry and wet mop pads as required and make your house surfaces squeaky clean.
  • ‌After your job is done you can easily detach the mop pads and hang them separately to dry them. And the best part is it does not need to be laundered after every use. The antibacterial feature does that job! Just lookout for the top of the mop to get wet.
  • If you lack space at home you can always make use of the Norwex mini mop system. It comes with a superior mop head with a mini mop base that also includes the telescopic handle feature. So you can easily store your Norwex mop system in any small corner!

How To Use The Norwex Wet Mop?

The easy-to-use features of Norwex mop systems make it more special. Even if you didn’t ever use the mop system then don’t panic. Norwex mops are very easy to handle. Here are the common steps:

  • Before attaching the mop pads to the Mop Base, you’ll have to adjust the Telescopic Mop Handle to your height to make your cleaning experience smooth and comfortable.
  • Loosen the handle by turning the lock to the open position. Extend the handle to the height of your chin and turn the locking mechanism to the closed position.
  • Attach the base to the handle by pushing the buttons on the side to the base and then sliding the handle onto the base until the push-buttons lock into the holes.
  • Moisten the Wet Mop Pad with water only before attaching it to the base. Press out excess water so the pad doesn’t feel damped.
  • Press the base onto the pad and make sure it is secure.
  • For cleaning high-reaching areas such as walls or ceilings, adjust the length of the handle and lock the base by pushing both sides of the lever until it snaps into place.

Now that you know how to use the Norwex mop you have to take precautions to keep it clean too. So here are some steps on how to wash the Norwex mop pad.

Dry mop pad

  • Even though you can use the Norwex mops more than once before laundering them, first brush the dry pad over your trash can.
  • You can also vacuum it or take it outside to shake it vigorously.
  • Launder it with lint-free items whenever using laundry detergent.

Wet Mop pad

  • Rinse the dirty Wet Mop Pads in warm water with soft detergents. For the best positive outcome, you can choose the liquid detergents then squeeze the mop threads well. 
  • After washing the mop, don’t put it out in the middle of the scorching heat. Excessive heat can destroy the quality of the fabrics.


Do not use bleach to wash the mop it can heavily damage the fabrics and will make them softer. And the longevity will decrease.


Customers are very satisfied as seen from the Norwex mop reviews on any website. So, it is recommended you go for it without a second thought! Wish you a happy cleaning experience. Thank you.

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