5 Rechargeable Light Bulb Ideas For Your Home


Rechargeable Light Bulb

Rechargeable bulbs are kind of an important invention at this point. They are easy to use, cut down on electricity bills, and can be used during traveling or in emergencies. Rechargeable bulbs are now widespread and can easily be bought online or offline from every corner electronics store.

So, which kind of rechargeable lights are available in the market and what can you buy? And how do these add to the homely atmosphere of our everyday household?

Beautiful Rechargeable bulbs you should check out

There are many different designs and styles of rechargeable bulbs that you can choose from. Some of them are like this:

Night lights

LED Rechargeable bulbs do include many designs of night lamps. Night lamps are a mesmerizing, soothing,  and aesthetic addition to the bedrooms of inhabitants of every age. These lights and lamps come in numerous hues, some of them in more than one. Night lamps are designed with all-night battery backup.

Multicolor lights

Wondering about a string of multicolor decorative light bulbs that are also rechargeable? For trips, fairs, theatrical decorations, and more, these attractive bulbs glow in multicolor, steady lighting for a long time without needing a recharge. They are durable and carry a number of bulbs on them.

Reflector bulbs

Reflector bulbs are known for spreading their light through wider angles. These lamps can be used to illuminate study desks, inventories, hallways, and kitchen countertops. Certain styles of reflector bulbs are used during photoshoots at remote locations. These reflector rechargeable bulbs are a very important instrument for these professional and semi-professional uses.

Solar rechargeable bulbs

rechargeable bulbs

Rechargeable bulbs that can be powered through solar energy are a very eco-friendly choice for anyone living in areas with abundant sunlight. These bulbs can be used for aesthetic or emergency purposes, and are easily charged with minimum manual effort.

Rechargeable decoration lamps

Decoration lamps can also be used to create a beautiful ambiance in any room. These lamps are powered by their batteries. Rechargeable lamps can be bought to suit any interior design, from industrial styles, clear-cut minimalist styles, kerosene style lamps, etc.

Great rechargeable light bulb products you can try

Now that you know what kind of light rechargeable bulb you wish to try as your first battery-based electronics light product, here is from our side a list of great products you can start with.

RealmeLED rechargeable bulb

The LED rechargeable bulbs from this well-known, rapidly growing company incorporate very cool technological additions to their products. One such product is their Motion Activated Rechargeable Lamps, rechargeable face lights, and more. They are easily affordable and are great for fast-paced users.

Havells rechargeable bulbs

Havells rechargeable light bulb is known to be another great product from the time-tested company. Havells electronics are long-lasting, made of great material quality through and through. They are moderately affordable and are remarked upon for their extreme durability.

Syska rechargeable bulbs

Syskarechargeable light bulb is a catalog of fantastic new designs. They are sophisticated. Syska lighting is appreciated for its easy-on-the-eyes, brilliant light that is bright yet calming. Syska rechargeable lights include decorative lamp designs and festive light designs.

Phillips rechargeable light bulb

Rechargeable light bulb Phillips can never disappoint. Their lights are simple yet classy, that come in different power ranges, the 7W light bulb and a 12 W light bulb being the most popular. These light bulbs can often use as utilitarian emergency lights. They also have options regarding different battery backups.

How to use rechargeable bulbs correctly?

When used correctly, these LED rechargeable bulbs can last a long time. Their expensive pricing in comparison to normal bulbs can be a little daunting (An LED rechargeable bulb can cost an average of 700 INR) but this extra cost can be made up for by their added long-lasting benefits.

To make sure the bulbs last longer, one should try

  • LED bulbs do need constant recharging to work properly. Their batteries should be routinely checked and charged with the care, from proper charging points, and for a long enough duration.
  • These bulbs should not be overused. They should be used sparingly and be given proper rest.
  • LED bulbs should be cleaned with care and their sockets should be kept dust-free.
  • During power outages, LED bulbs should be used one at a time. This will help the lights last longer. The trick is to purchase light bulbs that are of the required voltage.
  • Seal the socket surface when not in use. Letting the socket hang on the walls without any covering can damage their durability.
  • Bulbs are fragile surfaces. During storage and traveling, bulbs should be wrapped in bubble wrapping and a double layer soft covering before being packed in boxes.
  • Rechargeable bulbs should be kept in a cool and dry place for them to remain working for a long, long time.

How to use Rechargeable bulbs?

Rechargeable bulbs are usually simple to use. These bulbs are connected to sockets on the wall that come with the lights. The light bulb is connected to the wall by being screwed into the socket to be charged. After being charged these bulbs can work without any power source. 


LED rechargeable light bulbs are a beautiful way to get rid of power outage problems. They provide an easy method to incorporate decorative lighting into tents, caravans, and other mobile vehicles. They are affordable, easy to use and a great practical investment to make every day easier.

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