How to plant in ceramic pots


ceramic pots

Indoor gardening can be tricky if you don’t use the appropriate planters. While there are various planter materials such as plastic, fiberglass, concrete, foam, etc., people tend to go for ceramic planting pots for their attractive appeal. The lacquer glazed ceramic planters are one of the best options for your indoor plants. The ceramic planters are made from clay which is later fired up in a kiln. You might be confused about how to plant in ceramic pots. This article will be your ultimate guide to learning everything about ceramic plant pots.

 The Procedure For Planting In Ceramic Pots

Follow this simple procedure to plant saplings into ceramic pots.

  • Get the ceramic pot of your choice, it is preferable not to pick a dark-colored ceramic pot. The light-colored planter pots come in handy during the summer days, as the sun rays would not be able to penetrate them. It will prevent the soil from drying up.
  • Also, pick the glazed ceramic pots with the moisture-absorbing capacity to get most of it.
  • Next up, use a screen mesh to avoid littering the soil from the ceramic plant pot.
  • Fill up the pot with fertile soil and sow your seeds or plant your sapling.
  • When everything is done place the planter pot in a suitable place to get adequate sunlight and air.
  • Lastly, if there are no drainage holes in the ceramic pot, add up some pebbles to the base of the pot to avoid waterlogging.

Are ceramic pots good for plants?

ceramic pots
  • The ceramic planting pot is considered to be the best for indoor gardening. Along with appealing looks, the ceramic pots come with multiple benefits to ensure the good health and durability of the plant.
  • Unlike plastic, terracotta, and foam pots, ceramic pots can absorb moisture from the soil. It is brilliant for plants that cannot survive in wet and soggy soil.
  • Also, The porous nature of the ceramic planter pots allows sufficient air circulation in the pot. Both these abilities of the ceramic pots make them highly beneficial for plants.

Qualities to look for while picking up a ceramic pot for your plant

  • Though ceramic planters are very efficient, there are some certain qualities you need to check for while buying them.
  • Good drainage—Always pick the planter pot ceramic having a proper drainage system. Otherwise, your plant may rot.
  • Glazed pots—Select glazed ceramic planters pots over the non-glazed planter pots. A glazed pot contributes to holding the moisture within the pot to avoid drying up of the roots.

Pros of using ceramic pots

The pros of using ceramic planter pots are endless, some of which are given below:

  • Ceramic pots are a stunner—No doubt the beautiful ceramic pots are way more attractive, elegant, and classy than the mud and plastic pots. If you are someone fond of keeping everything up to date and aesthetic, opt for a ceramic planting pot.
  • Ceramic pots are harmless to the environment- Eco-friendly ceramic pots are a great replacement for non-biodegradable plastic lots. Hence, the ceramic pots do not hamper nature.
  • The thickness of the ceramic pots—Ceramic pots are much thicker than other terracotta, plastic, and mud pots. So, high temperatures cannot penetrate the plant roots through them. Furthermore, a ceramic pot is much more sturdy. It is hard to tip over a ceramic pot.
  • Long-lasting- The ceramic planting pot has very high durability compared to other varieties of planters. Once you buy a ceramic pot, it will last a very long time.

Cons of using ceramic pots

  • Nothing in this world is perfect. Hence, everything has its drawbacks. The same is the case with ceramic pots. Here are some of its disadvantages:
  • Bad drainage—Often the loveliest of the ceramic planting pot has improper drainage or no drainage at all, it is a major drawback.
  • Heavy on the pocket—Ceramic pots glazed with lacquer are not very budget-friendly compared to plastic, mud, and other planters.
  • Bulkiness—Mostly, the ceramic pots are overweight and bulky. If you need to move your plants often, plant pots ceramic night not be a good option.

The lovely ceramic planters have added a new style statement after making it into the market. It never fails to astonish people with its super attractive visual appeal. However, some factors must be looked upon before landing your hands-on ceramic planters. The information provided in this article will remove all doubts about planting in ceramic pots. choose the appropriate ceramic planting pot to make your indoor garden look more beautiful than ever!

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