How to Install a Wireless Light Switch? Get to Know Everything About It

We live in the 21st century and still, there is a huge difference between the two worlds. Many countries especially the African region have failed to give a sustainable power supply to their people. There are many reasons for this like economical decrease, per capita income, etc.

But there is a sustainable solution that can cure this problem and that is wireless power transmission. Not only for this problem but also wireless power transmission and wireless light should be used by everyone slowly as. we are on the verge of the destruction of our natural powers.

Why wireless light?

Wireless power systems do not need any wire or other conductions. It helps to connect those areas where people are unable to get a suitable power supply. It provides a sustainable and clean power system. And most importantly it’s a one-time investment and pocket-friendly system.

Wireless light switch

The most important thing to note about the wireless light switch is its placement. It should be in a position where every member of the house can access it. It never needs a battery. All it needs is an automated coded command which makes wireless light more attractive.

How does a wireless light switch work?

Nowadays there are many models of wireless light in the market. Some of them use radio signals, some are powered by solar systems. But most of them use kinetic energy. That’s why they are self-powered.

Wireless light switches use radio waves cum signals. It has a transmitter and the light has a receiver. But you can also use optical fiber which can be wired through the ceiling. When you turn on the switch it transmits a signal which is none other than a coded command and the receiver in the light catches it.

And if you wired the connection then it goes through the optical cable which is more efficient.

How to install a wireless light switch?

It’s a three-step process.

Disconnect and ground the power

  • Before doing any electrical work, always turnoff the power at the circuit breaker.
  • Disconnect and remove the current light fixture
  • Attach the ground wire of the new fixture to the incoming ground wire, and if using a metal box, to the ground screw on the electric box.

Splice the wires

  • Splice all the neutrals wires together from the power supply, the white from the fixture, and the other wire from the wireless module- and cover with black tape.
  • Then, splice the black wire from the module to the black wire from the power supply and then cover it up.
  • Finally, splice the black wire from the fixture with the red wire from the wireless module and cover it with a wire nut.

Attach the fixture

  • Attach the light fixture to the electric box following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The light switch mounts to the wall at 48 inches to the center (it varies), preferably inside a doorway. it does not require any wiring or batteries.
  • Restore power at the circuit panel and test the connection.

Follow these easy- steps to install the wireless light switch.

Connection of the receiver

Unscrew the light to install the receiver in the socket. Connect the black power and white neutral on the receiver. And the red cable on the receiver connects to the black cable on the fitting. the first step is done now screw the light.

And remember when it’s time to replace the receiver firstly mark the live connection. If you can’t mark then don’t guess cause it’s too dangerous to go and get help from a professional.

Installing the switch

You have done the difficult part now let’s install the switch. Some companies have already started a wireless remote light switch which is easy to use and you don’t need any installation.

So, to install the switch first we need to drill the wall to make 4 sockets and it should be in a range about less than 100 feet from the light. Then screw the light in the wall and if you wired the system then make the connections check it then screw it.

Once they are installed there is no need to worry about the transmitter in the switch and the receiver will work indefinitely.

Wireless light switch kit

Wireless Lightworks in the automated self-powered principle. It costs two things wireless light switch and receiver. There is various type of light switch kits but the majority of controller uses kinetic energy transmission. You can screw the switch anywhere in between a certain range and its most important environment friendly. It’s proven that it has an infinite life span.

Many companies make key wireless remote control switch kit that works both with 110v and 220v systems. It generally costs higher.

Wireless light switch 3way

The three-channel wireless light switch is a modern tech. technology has now come a long way that now we can group multiple connections in a single point. It gives more control.

This system subdivides into three sections and every three receivers can support a load of 1000w. with a 10amp switch that can last 10 years, we can easily control three connections.


The wireless light is the most cost-effective solution and easy to set up. But once they are installed and you want to change their location it’s very expensive to re-wire them. But there is no need to change the transmitter and receiver.

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