How to Increase Bathroom Space: Bathroom Space Design Ideas


Bathroom Space Design

People who wish to remodel or build a new bathroom from scratch and design the perfect layout for their bathroom would be aware of the fact that this process not only includes a lot of excitement but it also requires thought. You agree with us, right?

So, if you want to get a perfect bathroom space design, you should take a considerable amount of time to assess everything that you need and then prepare an efficient layout.

When you wish to make your bathroom remodeling a successful one, you need to have a functional floor plan. Then you need to think about your dream space that would function.

But do not get stressed out after reading those words floor plan, layout, etc. We are here to help you with some great ideas that will help you to choose which suits you the best.

Minimum Clearances That You Need To Keep For Bathroom Space Design   

You will always need to prioritize the optimal spacing of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. There is one common clearance issue that always comes up, that is regarding the space that you would need to keep for the toilet, bathtubs, washbasins, and shower area.


Having proper toilet space is very crucial for bathroom space design. Why?

We all know that they basically need proper spacing at the side and in front. It is not only essential for carrying out the required activities but also for placing the other services such as shower, bathtubs, sink and the door does not stay obstructed.

Although the commode size in feet varies widely, the urinal spacing dimension that is recommended is 30 inches and in the case of minimum spacing, it is 21 inches. The minimum toilet size or the bathroom commode design is 27 to 30 inches in depth and a width of around 20 inches.

Now, what about the sides?


For the side, you can keep only the bare minimum space that you need. All you need at the side is a toilet paper roll. If you wish to save space in the urinal spacing dimensions, you can think of some alternative ideas regarding the toilet paper roll.

You need to keep a space of at least 15 inches but the recommended space is 18 inches.

Enclosed Showers

The bathroom looks a royal one if it has an enclosed toilet shower area. Thus, if you wish to add an enclosed shower area, you have to plan some clearance for that also.

The recommended wall-to-wall for the enclosed shower is 34 inches but if you cannot do so, you can also do with a 32-inch clearance.

Usually, the shower area, regardless of its shape, requires an area of 1024 square inches and an interior circular diameter of 30 inches. If you wish to determine the perfect size of your shower area, you will have to step into some shower areas at a plumbing showroom.

You need to check whether your elbows are touching the walls or your head is not banging against the door while you bend down. Also keep in mind that your shower area must have adequate space for keeping soaps, shampoo, and conditioner in your bathroom tray.

Bathroom Sink and Countertop

If you are willing to install two basins, you should keep a clearance of about 36 inches between them. This is the minimum space required for bathroom basin design if you use both the sinks simultaneously in the time of need.

The wash basin sizes in inches vary widely. When speaking about the clearance of the sink from the wall, you will need to keep a minimum distance of 15 inches from the sink.

The standard wash basin dimensions are 15 to 20 inches. Although the recommended space is 20 inches for a toilet sink, the bare minimum will also do if you have a shortage of space. You can also check out small wash basin sizes in inches for the toilet wash basin.

Also, while you are placing a countertop, you need to keep a clearance of at least 30 inches. This is the recommended clearance for bathroom space design and the bare minimum is 21 inches.

Tips to Design a Perfect Bathroom

  • To design a perfect bathroom, you first need to determine who will be using the bathroom and how will it be used.
  • Then you will need to select the proper layout on how you will be placing the services inside your bathroom. For example, you need to figure out the wash basin size in feet, toilet room size, where to put the toilet basin, etc.
  • After that, select the perfect bathroom space design from various plumber shops. You can also check them in online photos.
  • Finally, decide your budget. If you wish to get a premium bathroom, it will obviously cost you more than a mediocre one.


You need to keep in mind these clearances for your bathroom services when you are rebuilding or remodeling your bathroom space design. The clearance helps you to access each part of your bathroom without any problem. You should use the recommended clearance for every service but in case you are not being able to do so, then you must follow at least the bare minimum.

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