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How to Choose the Correct Mirror for your Dresser: Keeping Your Me-Time at the Forefront

Mirrors do a lot more for us than the naked eyes suggest – they are the windows into our own perception of ourselves, and more than anything, they are the ones responsible for our daily upkeep and how we present ourselves in front of others. Mirror for dressers are a must and need to be maintained routinely for our overall getup and peace of mind.

Choosing the Correct Mirror for Your Dresser

Mirrors are one of those details that though inconspicuous, are very easy to spot to determine how much thought has gone into them. Getting ready is a big part of your day, but a mirror must match not only your style but also that of your interior. A Mirror for dresser top qualities will definitely be the material used in building the mirror, its external appearance, and most importantly, how it pairs with the aesthetic of the dresser.

A few things to look out for while getting a mirror for your dresser are:-

  • Go For Classics And Not Trends

Fancy mirrors that one sees on Instagram and Pinterest are often tempting; but remember, trends come and go. Classic and timeless styles however are here to stay, and will never go out of fashion.

  • Do Not Let Price Be An Obstacle

The last several decades have seen a rising interest in thrifting.  Any beautiful thrift store will reward you with a wonderful Mirror dresser for sale both online and offline. From almost new to antique treasures, thrift sales and garage sales are often the hidden places where everything is available.

  • Do Not Compromise On quality

Good quality mirrors give a clear, accurate image. A bad mirror can have you spend years wondering what’s wrong with your face. A mirror is a definition of our long-term image of ourselves. Quality is essential.

  • Nothing Beats a Good, Caring Owner

Most things in your home and especially goods made of glass, need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. While choosing your mirror pay attention to its size and shape and how often you will be able to clean and mend it.

  • Your Dressing Table Needs Your Attention Too

A dresser with a mirror for sale can be a tempting offer; just remember that your dresser’s quality and build will be as important and complementary to the mirror as vice versa. Your dresser will need as much mending and cleaning too.

  • Good Lighting Is Thhe Secret Ingredient

No mirror in the world can make you appear like the goddess that you are in front of it without a little illumination job done in your favor. A bright, focused light falling on your face as you face the mirror will make makeup and dress up effortless. You can always go for the Hollywood-style round mirror with light and never regret it.

A Timeless Choice – The White Dresser And Its Perfect Mirror

A big round mirror with a white dresser to complement it has never gone out of the spotlight, and it is only getting more and more popular these days. A dresser with mirror white comes in a few equally jaw-dropping alternatives.

  • The Classic Vintage White Wood Dresser With An Intricately Carved Mirror
  • It is dainty and fragile, yet a forever glowing statement piece.
  • The minimalist white dresser with a clean-cut mirror – A post-modern touch that goes well with German interior styles
  • Another vintage – Amirrored tray for a dresser in beautiful, soft white tones
  • A white dresser with a hint of stainless steel – Keep it crisp, sleek, and classy

Since 60-inch dressers are coveted by most women and girls, a what-size round mirror for a 60-inch dresser is just for you, if you do not know how to make up your mind yet. The thing is, one can never go wrong with white – it goes with dark, light, neutral, vibrant, and pastel tones. What size mirror for 60-inch dresser can be found easily in most online as well as offline stores.

How to Pack Your Mirror Correctly

For offline shoppers and frequent movers, how to pack a dresser mirror for moving seems almost to be hidden knowledge imparted to some chosen few. But four easy steps can actually do the job for you.

  1. Clean your mirror before packing. This may seem like a strange thing to say, but clean your mirror before packing and after unpacking. Dirt, stains, and fine particles on the mirror surface can damage it under the pressure of moving. Thus, removing them is key.
  2. Cover your mirror adequately with foam paper or bubble wrap. Mirrors must be protected from external force. Multiple coverings that act like shock absorbers can keep your mirror safe.
  3. Do not forget to apply more than one layer of shock-absorbent wrapping. As said before, one layer of wrapping will scarcely do anything for your mirror on long journeys. Mark it as a fragile product and make sure to put it in a cardboard box.
  4. Make sure you are keeping the mirror in a spacious region of your luggage carrier and on top of all your other things. Do not put it in a place where it is competing with other goods or constantly bumping into them.


Spending some extra time choosing the perfect mirror surely pays off in the long run. Taking care of them is also equally a little time-consuming but highly rewarding. Mirror for dressers is a perfect addition to your room as they combine taste with practicality and comfort.

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