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How to Upgrade Your Small Apartment Balcony – Home Balcony Design Ideas

Home is where the heart is, and it is perhaps this very reason why we all tend to pour so much of our heart and hard work into keeping our household in the best possible shape at all times.  

Whether it be a new house you’re moving into, or adjusting a makeover that your home of decades requires, a little balcony wall design is what your apartment deserves.

Indeed it does not take a lot to decorate small apartment balconies into heavenly spaces for leisure and entertainment. There are many ways in which you can do this house balcony design.

So, let us look at some eccentric home balcony design ideas.

Great flat balcony decoration India ideas that can assist in the dream-like decoration

Small and big, all touches are important in the decoration of a place as magical and full of potential as an apartment balcony or terrace design ideas.

These days, when exposure to fresh air and light, is limited, our balconies are indeed our source of physical and mental inspiration.

Plants and planters

In our opinion, a balcony needs plants.


Small balcony decoration ideas Indian plants need not always be exotic. However, the truth is local plants flourish the best in a region and also look the most authentic.

Balcony decoration ideas with plants are always a proven method to rejuvenate from the stress of everyday activities. While purchasing plants you can also take a look at the unending available options for attractive-looking planters in the market, which will totally change the overall look of your balcony railings. If you are a plant lover, then this idea is your go-to option.

Garden chair, table set, and sofas

Small garden chair sets or balcony sofas look very beautiful on apartment balconies. They make sitting in the balcony space easier for family members and give the balcony a patio-like look. When arranged correctly, you can even create the illusion of your own personal balcony deck.

sofa set

Mostly small balcony chairs are small and made of light materials which go well with a background of greenery. Alternatively, they can serve as unique terrace design ideas or terrace room ideas as well. If the area is really small you can use cushioned mattresses as substitutes.


This is official now: tapestry trees are back in mainstream balcony wall decor and simple terrace design. What better place could they shine than in the calm and beautiful balcony decor design.

Tapestries are actually extremely affordable on online stores, and their quality is literally surprising. There is no end to the beautiful prints and paintings which today’s tapestry designs come in. They can even be hung from the ceiling to aid in the front balcony ceiling design. Some of our chosen decore items are listed below.

If you have more than one wall as a part of your open balcony design, you can even hang two complimentary tapestries on adjacent walls.

Fairy lights

What more can be said about fairy lights?

They are the beautiful, aesthetic strings of twinkling warm lights which can make any room instantly seem festive and cheerful. They add an extra layer of lighting to each and every place in which they are introduced, in this case to our balcony design in India.

These days remote control light changing LED lights are also used as a fairy light alternative for balcony wall decor. As a part of some family decor, you can clip polaroid pictures of important memories to your string of fairy lights and watch how beautiful the end result looks. This is indeed a great idea to showcase your memories as well.


Light and transparent curtains can provide some amount of privacy to your leisure time spent on the balcony while at the same time inviting the natural environment to refresh your day.

For this, mostly sheer curtains can be used, though you can always match out two contrasting sets of curtains with each other, or simply hang two layers of drapery.

Especially if you have a common area of a bedroom with a balcony, you can properly separate them using curtains and award yourself some privacy. Curtains can also make the use of fairy light strings on themselves to create the most magical effect.

Privacy wall

A privacy wall is as much about creating a sense of seclusion for the person using the balcony, as it is for the decoration purpose of segregating the balcony and creating an illusion of space.

Privacy walls can be made of bamboo, old wood, planter racks, outdoor bookshelves, or even boulders. They are an especially committed part of almost every balcony roof design. Correctly used, they will easily bring a rustic or even Jungle ambiance into your small sit-out design.


If you really fall in love with your balcony, then it is no wonder that you will be pining away to keep essential food, books, household exercise, and mirrors in your balcony design front view.

This can easily be done, though you need to be extra careful about books when the season gets rainy or windy. Mirrors too will need you to clean them more frequently if they are placed in any outdoor setting.

Instead of mirrors, you might also want to hang one out of the many balcony wall painting ideas available in online stores.


Home balcony design is great fun to create. Balcony decor items are fortunately easily available and can be procured from any place you like. They can even be thrived to save money. You will not understand what a positive effect this change can have on you unless you experience it yourself.

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