From DIY to Professional Bathtub Molding: 7 Unique Ideas

Moving into a new house can be a versatile experience; especially when one has so many dreams and aspirations regarding their ‘perfect home’.Oftentimes, we end up making small to large moderations to our bedrooms, living area, kitchen, and even bathrooms.

Paying attention to the smallest of details while undertaking these exciting projects is essential; especially when it comes to areas easily damaged by running water or constant exposure to air and external environment. Looking for bathroom molding tips and tricks at a reasonable price point is a huge aspect of this aesthetic hunting. But do not worry, this article is here exactly to help you out with that very thing.

How to nail DIY bathtub molding – a short guide

A trim around bathtub and shower spaces is the core upgrade that most houses urgently require, once the owner has settled in. they can greatly increase the aesthetic quality as well as practical durability of a bathroom area. DIY bathtub molding can be undertaken with beginner-level interior skills. Some such industrial tips a homeowner can choose from include

Wooden boards as a base

A wooden base can be used for bathtub molding and giving the tub a decorative accent. Again, it can easily be undertaken at home although pressure-treated timber is essential to ascertain its stability. Wooden bases are firm though a proper coating with waterproof varnish, plaster of Paris seal, and water-resistant paint is essential.

PVC boards and décor

Working with PVC boards, fittings, and plaster of Paris addons rewards the owner with a more flexible array of designs to implement. PVC is highly water-resistant itself and assures long-term function in that sphere. On the other hand, it has been observed that using PVC for furnishing might lead to undue damage very quickly. However, if you do not have kids in the house and can assure gentle use, PVC can save up a lot of money.

Skirted bathtub as a centerpiece

If your bathtub is not attached to the floor and you would like to add beautiful skirting, you might rest assured this will save you from more work on the walls and surroundings. A 360 tub surround trim molding with layered skirting can add femininity and elegance to your most personal of spaces. It stabilizes running water and adds to the safety of the bathtub and bathing experience as well.

Corian Couture

Several readers would dislike stopping at a bathtub trim; after all, there is so much more possible, right? Well, you are right. A Corian Couture project extends from the bathtub to the walls, enclosures, and even windows. These designs widen the bathing area and create private seclusion. They look amazingly amazing (of course) and add to the illusion that the bathing area is spreading into the bathroom gently, instead of the usual abrupt halt.

7 Striking molding ideas for Bathtub, Shower, and Couture

 molding ideas

The bathtub, Shower, and surrounding walls can all be molded to a central theme as a part and parcel of the overall enclosure. However, these bathtub trim ideas listed below can be separately used for any one of them as well, depending on the time, space, and budget constraints.

Gold Molding

If your bathroom is planned to be painted in warm colors, a golden, metallic trim with additions of clay can be a great molding around the bathtub. A set of matching curtains and gold-rimmed curtain hangers, wall hangers as well as metallic shelves can all be paired with a gold-themed bathroom. These trimmings look particularly vibrant when paired with antique objects. Such objects include antique mirrors, lanterns, magazine holders, chandeliers, and more. Objectively, a warm source of light will fare the best with this aesthetic.

Vintage timber

Raw and vintage timber can be used freely for bathtub molding purposes if their rotting can be taken care of. For this reason, a lot of people prefer faux wood for this job. Faux wood also ascertains that the overall look is sustainable without leading to a compromise on quality. Wood trim around bathtubs in such cases is either a ply layer over cement or PVC, or can even be wood laminates.

A surrounding deck

As long as the bathroom is spacious, your surrounding deck can be made to fit well with any interior style. Wood, marble, and stone all look striking as horizontal boards for your bathtub deck. These decks are easy to construct. They are a sum of vertical and horizontal boards that trim around tub surround area and even walls. Bathtub decks look particularly fascinating around elliptical, hexagonal, and asymmetrical tubs.

Marble molding

Admittedly, marble molding is one of the pricier ones on this list. But the overall effect crafted by white, spotless marble in a bathroom that is abundant in natural lighting does not even need a description. These marble moldings extend as bathtub floor trims and even surround shelves and brackets. Washbasins and shower surround trim ideas can work with the same marble or play with complementary shades. Adding bright glass, lush green plants, and light linen curtains is the finishing trick.

Arched enclosure

A number of us really are suckers for the little, rustic bathing experience that one usually associates with vacations. What if you could feel like that every day? Stonework, woodwork, and even cement can lead to the classic arched enclosure that competes with any homeowner’s fantasy. This arched enclosure can have cottage core decor on its walls including windows, vents, plant hangers, and tiny shelves for essentials. Basic crown molding can take the whole look to another level.

Glass tiles

Inexpensive and yet the most fun of all bathtub trim ideas, glass tiles are durable and sparkling additions. Great for contemporary and ethnic interior designs, this is the kind of molding you can go for without second thoughts even if you have pets and kids. Tiles are great, be it glass or ceramic, and woe to those who realize their beauty too late. Like all other options on this list, glass tiles can be used for a full enclosing of your petite little bathtub.

Granite molding

Saving the best for the last, granite bathtub trim molding is our personal pick. The addition of granite instantly adds the illusion of space and dimension to the bathroom. It complements the glossy steel surfaces and accentuates the white of the tubs and basins. Water itself feels soft and clear in the presence of stones like granite and marble. We go gaga over the darker granite shades which make any couture project look luxurious, but honestly, any shade of granite proves principally hypnotic. 


Bathtub and shower surround molding is as fun as it is rewarding. Social media is full of unending ideas and tricks to renovate your bathrooms your way. Gone are the days when homeowners had to sadly accept the bland structures that new houses came in if they wished to save on the high cost of hiring professional interior – today, you can basically give your living space any look you might find cute, and that too all on your own.

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