Does The Security Door Stopper Really Work?

Sometimes people need a moment of privacy in the house. It can be due to official purposes such as an online meeting, an online business proposal, ongoing classes, etc. There can be other reasons such as preparation for an upcoming examination, sickness, or simply because you need some me-time. You can use a door stopper when you require some privacy from your family members or pets.

A door stopper helps you achieve that moment of privacy you have been craving for ages. However, it has other uses too. Such as it gives security to newborns by protecting their room from unwanted guests, or if you have a sick family member in the house, they can take full advantage of the door stopper to bar anymore from coming into their room unnecessarily.

How many types of door stoppers are there?

You can get several types of security stoppers for doors. Each one of them has a uniqueness to them and has different functionalities. Check them out one by one!

  • Floor mounted door stoppers or door draft stoppers – As the name suggests, such door stoppers are placed on the floor and effortless to mount on the floor. Floor mounted or under-door draft stopper comes with average security and is very popular in households. You can readily use this type of door draft stopper for the doors of your house.
  • Wall-mounted door stoppers – Just as there are floor-mounted stoppers for the door, there are wall-mounted stoppers too. These door stoppers come accompanied by a rubber bumper of concave or convex shape. These types of door stops are more convenient than the floor-mounted ones as these types of stoppers do not hold up any space on the floor, unlike floor-mounted door stoppers. People concerned about the blocking of floor space should go for this option.
  • Hinge-mounted door stoppers – This is another type of stopper for doors. If you don’t want to opt for any of the above-given options, the door stopper hinge is the perfect choice to go for. Why so? Because, in this type of stopper, there would be no need for floor mounting or wall mounting. If you are looking for an ideal door stop for your kitchen or bathroom, try out this one.

What is the use of a stick door stopper?

How to keep the doors separate from the walls of your house? A door stopper not only provides security but also keeps the door away from the wall. For example, you have newly painted house walls and want to keep the door away from chipping away the paints off the wall. A door stopper stick is best suited for that. Using a stick door stopper security, you can easily prevent the door from banging onto the walls Also, a stick stopper for the door is helpful for households having pets as it holds the door from hurting them accidentally.

How secured is a door stopper?

A door stopper is designed for indoor protection and not outdoor. Suppose you are home alone and want to protect your house from home invaders, in this case, a security stopper would not be a very worthy option. Instead, it is designed to protect your house. If you attach your door stopper stick to your bedroom door, you can effortlessly restrict others from entering your room during your private time. Also, do not leave the house with the security of a stopper for the door at night. Because it is not built in a way to provide excellent quality of security against external forces. So, if you are looking for a temporary resistance from disturbances and distractions, go for it undoubtedly.

Where to get your door stopper from?

You will have a variety of options to select your door stopper security from. However, if you wish to get one of the most reliable door stoppers for yourself, you need to choose only the best. Now, where can you get yourself the best stopper for doors to provide security inside your locked doors? Home depot is the destination! Yes, you can get the best door stoppers from home depot. door stopper home depot is one of the best door stoppers you can ever find. Why don’t you try out a decorative door stopper instead of the monotonous and plain ones? This way you can make your house look more decorative and vibrant. Match the colors of your walls with the stopper and just check the difference it creates in your room! So, get your brand new door stoppers from Home depot now!


So, this was all you need to know about door stoppers. If you are looking for some temporary indoor protection in your house, you can undoubtedly secure your indoor doors with the help of a door stop. Get yourself the best door stoppers from the best store in your residential area. Also, you can look up online for more elaborate options. However, bring home a door stopper and enjoy some exclusive ‘me’ time by yourself.

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