6 Cool Rustic Coffee Table Ideas For All Kind Of Livingroom

So, are you really a coffee lover if your entire day does not depend on the coffee you had? As a real coffee lover, you should also give huge importance to the coffee table you are keeping in your home. Maybe a rustic, elegant coffee table is the perfect fit for your morning coffee. Dreaming about it, right?

You know what, if you keep a rustic coffee table in your living room, it looks very classic and gives a significant change to the room. These rustic tables are very simple and beautiful and as you know, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

A coffee table is very useful for eating snacks or having drinks while watching some good stuff on your TV in your living room. Or maybe if you have a small space in your bedroom, you can keep some things in that too.

It is very aesthetically pleasing if you choose a perfect coffee table for your space. So, let us look into the different types of rustic coffee tables for you and your place.

Types of rustic coffee tables

Modern rustic coffee tables

Rustic coffee tables are very simple and classy. They are made of rough limbs of the tree. Rustic coffee tables are very durable in nature. They can be used for very long years and looks really good as a coffee table. So, take a look at the different types of rustic coffee tables we have selected for you.

1. Modern rustic coffee tables

Modern rustic coffee tables come in different shapes and sizes. You can give a perfect modern look to your place without having to worry about the durability of your coffee table. They are handmade with great creativity and give a really adorable look to the room.

It also comes with extra space to place magazines or the current book you are obsessed with. And in this modern era, we have a lot of options for a single product. Thus, modern coffee tables are not an exception they also have many variants which are briefly discussed beneath.

2. Rustic coffee table – The small one

Small rustic coffee tables are perfect if you are looking for a coffee table for your small living room or if you live alone. They can fit anywhere and give a really adorable look to your room. If you are trying to save some space but also want to keep a good-looking coffee table, this one is perfect for you.

3. Rustic coffee table- The large one

If you have a big room, a small coffee table is probably not the right fit for you. In that case, you should move on to large rustic coffee tables and if you are looking for a coffee table to fit in your joint family where you have coffee together in front of a big sofa set or a beautiful yard, then a large rustic coffee table is the best suitable one for you.

You can also purchase a large coffee table if you have a big living room and it will fit right in there.

4. Vintage rustic coffee table

Vintage is always better. It is always less expensive in price but looks more expensive compared to the new one. Sometimes it is made of better wood or with better care than new and therefore lasts longer.

So, if you find a good vintage coffee table, do not lose it. It is always worth it in the case of vintage furniture. It also comes with different designs of old age and hence gives a uniqueness to the space.

5. Rustic storage coffee table

A rustic storage coffee table is another option for which you can opt. Because storage is a key factor you should look for in a coffee table and these Rustic storage coffee tables come with a storing as well as style. The storage space gives you a space to keep your old magazines and newspapers and sometimes bills and many other things. Storage can never go to waste. So, if you need a little more space for your old stuff, go for the rustic coffee table with storage.

6. Black rustic coffee table

Black is a versatile and very beautiful color. If you are a black lover and it goes with the color palette of your room, it is a good reference for you. Black rustic coffee tables are very elegant to look at and fall in the category of modern coffee tables.

 coffee table

These tables look very aesthetic and give off a good vibe to the room. Also, if you have a black sofa set, it will go perfectly with your black rustic coffee table. Nonetheless, the color itself is a royal stylish color. So, the furniture itself speaks about your personality.

Now, you know what to choose from this category. But you might be thinking about where to buy it? Let us answer it.

Where can you find rustic coffee tables?

You can find good rustic coffee tables for sale in Ikea. Rustic coffee tables are very common and can be found in local furniture stores too. You can also customize the perfect rustic coffee table according to your choice of wood, shape, size, design, etc.

If you are more of an online shopping person, you can look for a rustic coffee table on amazon. Choose wisely while purchasing the perfect coffee table for you and your space. And if you are looking for the average cost then a quality rustic coffee table cost 200 – 300$ approximately.

But if you are looking for a good quality designer rustic coffee table, it will surely cost more. Vintage rustic coffee tables are less expensive than new ones. They also are of good quality in most cases. Nonetheless, if you are thinking of building a customized coffee table, it will cost more than usual. So, shop according to your budget.


Your coffee table is a reflection of your choice. So, choose the perfect coffee table for your space carefully. Always look into the material and make sure your coffee table is at least one-half the length of your sofa.

Otherwise, it will probably look odd. Your day cannot go bad if you start it with a coffee on your rustic coffee table. They are very pleasant to look at and come at very reasonable prices.

So, choose wisely and have a good cup of coffee every morning. Keep the different aspects in mind and good luck in finding a good rustic coffee table for you.

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