12 Great Ways to Spice up Your Farmhouse Bedroom Wall

A bedroom is anyone’s most personal place. It is almost a part of their identity, and they deserve it to be a reflection of all their needs and tastes. Be it for your own self, your family, or the families that will rent your vacation farmhouse, having a friendly and welcoming bedroom can upgrade the entirety of the experience.

In this article, we bring to you 12 farmhouse bedroom wall decor ideas that are almost sure to never go wrong with anyone.

Widely loved bedroom decor ideas for your farmhouse

Boho farmhouse décor

The Bohemian farmhouse decor includes a lot of things. Bring out your inner hippie with thrift retro decorations, crochet work, dream catchers, wind chimes, wooden wall hangings, tapestry, and more. The Boho farmhouse wall decor is all about finding art in clutter. It is a maximalist’s heaven.

A coastal ambiance

Coastal farmhouse wall decor is as similar in its variety and versatility as above. Bringing in the coastal vacation spirit using shell artwork, oriental ocean paintings, and brilliant blues, turquoises, and greens in your wall art color scheme can do wonders with your farmhouse. It will be mesmerizing for you as well.

Going all white

You may be one of those people who enjoy natural lighting and the calmness that comes with minimalism even during your holidays or as we should say, especially during your holidays. All white farmhouse wall decor involves floral art, sharp-edged wall hangings, clean minimalist quotes, white framed mirrors, and more.

Going chic

Farmhouse chic wall decor can be many things. Going for an all pink, or an all goth room might turn up to be just what you need as well. If you are an anime or gaming fan, you might want to give your walls some special attention, be it at your farmhouse or home. Celebrate your chic tastes by covering your walls with retro classics, records, manga posters, etc

Wooden wall décor

Bedroom Wall

Wooden wall decor need not always be antique. Modern wooden world records look perfect with German, contemporary, and ethnic interior styles. You might wish to cover your entire wall with a huge slab of wood carving, or maybe play contrast with wood and metal. More wood on the walls than on the doors, isn’t that crazy?

Sticker wall art

Premium quality wall art results in the ultimate budget price call for sticker wall art. Good quality stickers give a glossy finish which at first look resembles anything but DIY. Black and white stickers, floral stickers, quote stickers, metallic stickers – and we have barely scratched the surface.


Old is gold, they say. And gold is here to stay. Wallpapers have been used as the most popular wall art for centuries now. And even today nothing can compare to their elegance and fascinating charm. The art of wallpapers has been taken over by professionals of great creative enthusiasm in the 21st century. Anything you can imagine is possibly out there and custom designs can also be converted now into reality.

Shutter wall art

Want to reuse old leftovers for their inevitable artistic purpose? The recent addition to this dynamic DIY decor niche is farmhouse shutter wall decor. This is indeed nothing like you might have seen before. Bring a little bit of colonial architecture into your room and give it an ethnic twist; brightly colored shutters with floral add-ons can give the illusion of beautiful artwork or even a fake window.


Wall mural paintings are more than just an aesthetic choice. Murals and graffiti almost always carry with themselves an important socio-political message. By welcoming this artwork into your room you are giving them a place within your central personality,  as well as supporting these dynamic and deserving artists.

Basket wall décor

Another trend that has spread like wildfire is the farmhouse basket wall decor. Farmhouse basket decor is a multipurpose idea. Beautiful baskets hung on your walls also serve the purpose of shelves, bookcases, and key holders. Or if you are extra like us, you can simply use them to show off an outstanding assortment of freshly picked flowers. We love flowers for farmhouses, can you tell?

Favorite artwork

It is always great to work into someone’s bedroom and find your own favorite painter’s painting hung on their walls. However, what is even better is to look at a wonderfully skilled artwork and discover that it was painted by your friend themselves! Anyone would be proud. Use your holiday walls to proudly show off your, or your kids’, most choice artwork and watch it boost your collective confidence.

A collage wall

Collage walls have been a huge thing on social media for the past few years now. This involves a very cost-effective method of covering the central wall of your room with pictures of your favorite memories, family, your favorite band, Harry Potter, or whatever else catches your fancy. You can then top this wall up with the addition of a frame of ivy or fairy lights.


Bedroom farmhouse wall decor isn’t second to any other decoration essential. Even though it is true that very few people will be visiting this room, it is important to be crafted with real care so that you can spend your alone time in the greatest of comfort.

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